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D-Link’s Mobile Cloud Companion gives UK consumers their own personal cloud

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Portable mobile companion lets you connect, share, back-up, extend and charge - all from one device

London, 18 July 2012 - D-Link has unveiled its Mobile Cloud Companion, a must-have device for every travelling tablet and smartphone owner. The Mobile Companion (DIR-505) extends and transforms any Internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot and lets users access, view and share content easily, synchronise files and even charge mobile phones, providing a personal cloud that users can carry in their pocket.

Perfect for business travellers and anyone on the go, the Mobile Cloud Companion functions when plugged into any wall socket without any need for complicated installation or drivers. Its built-in antenna allows multiple users and devices to share the same wireless Internet connection over a large range.

The Mobile Cloud Companion can operate in multiple operation modes. In Repeater mode, the device helps to eliminate gaps in your wireless coverage, extending the scope and range of connectivity throughout the home. Further modes include the Router/Access Point mode and the Wi-Fi Hotspot mode, which instantly adds Wi-Fi capability to an existing Internet connection. By linking the Mobile Cloud Companion directly to an Internet modem or Internet point in a hotel, for example, users are able to wirelessly share the same Internet connection simultaneously. Easy one-touch Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) provides added control, ensuring users are up and running quickly, while security is maintained.

The mobile companion also boasts a USB port which allows you to connect a memory stick or USB hard drive and share or stream content to any connected device. The USB port can also be used as a mobile charger for smartphones, another invaluable tool for those on the go. This ability to view and share local content, combined with D-Link's own SharePortTM Mobile Technology, makes the Mobile Cloud Companion a perfect personal cloud device. Users simply download the free app, SharePortTM Mobile to an iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM device, to access, view and share content on a memory dongle or USB Hard Drive instantly. The free app, SharePortTM Mobile, also gives complete control to the user, allowing them to easily access and backup the contents of their mobile device onto a USB storage device wirelessly, and without the need for a computer.

Adrian Edwards, Consumer Solutions Manager at D-Link UK & Ireland, commented: "Mobility and convenience are two of the biggest demands from consumers today. The advent of tablets and smartphones has changed the way we all work and interact, yet accompanying technology has struggled to catch up. The beauty of the Mobile Cloud Companion lies in the way it gives users the ability to seamlessly access and share content from any local source, providing them with their own personal cloud. Its flexibility and simplicity bridges the gap and enables users to easily access their content, whether over the Internet or on a centrally stored device."

Perfect for today's increasingly mobile world, the Mobile Cloud Companion is smaller than a standard mouse and weighs just 114 grams, meaning it easily slips into a pocket or laptop bag. With this mobile device, users now have a simple and affordable way to meet their power and connectivity requirements, wherever they go.

Price & availability

The DIR-505 (RRP - £39.99 inc VAT) is available through the company's vast network of retail and etail outlets.

About D-Link

D-Link is one of the world's leading networking infrastructure providers, and last year celebrated its 25thyear of delivering innovative, high-performing and intuitive products for both businesses and consumers.  For over a quarter of a century, D-Link has designed, developed and manufactured award-winning networking, wireless, storage, security and IP surveillance solutions.  D-Link delivers its extensive range of networking products to organisations and consumers through its global network of channel partners and service providers.  D-Link understands the significance of accessing, managing, securing and sharing data and digital content, and has pioneered many IP technologies to deliver a fully integrated Digital Home and business network experience.  For more information, please visit