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D-Link’s Latest Cloud Routers Simplify File Sharing and Network Management

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Cloud N300 and Cloud N600 Gigabit Cloud Routers support configuration, management, and file sharing from an iOS or AndroidTM mobile device

LONDON, 9 July 2012 - D-Link today introduced the latest additions to its line of wireless Cloud Routers, both configurable and manageable from an iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM device. The Cloud Gigabit Router N300 (DIR-636L) and Cloud Gigabit Router N600 (DIR-826L) support speeds of up to 300 Mbps and 600 Mbps, respectively. Both routers include mydlinkTM Cloud Services for straightforward management and configuration, in addition to integrated SharePortTM mobile functionality for sharing files and multimedia stored on an attached USB storage device.

D-Link Cloud Routers address the growing demand for app-based solutions and high-speed wireless networking. "In the past, routers have often been a ‘set it and forget it' kind of device," said Adrian Edwards, Consumer Solutions Manager at D-Link UK & Ireland.  "That is, many owners didn't give their wireless router a second thought after initial installation. However, the increased reliance on wireless requires a more proactive approach to network security and management. It is becoming more and more important for people to begin to monitor who is connecting to their wireless network and what they are viewing. D-Link Cloud Routers offer a convenient and simple user interface for doing just that, streamlining previously daunting tasks like checking which websites are being visited, blocking unwanted devices, and configuring automatic email alerts whenever unauthorised connections are attempted. Better yet, these functions can all be carried out from the latest smartphones and tablet devices."

Take control with mydlinkTM Cloud Services

D-Link Cloud Routers help owners to monitor and control their network from virtually anywhere using the mydlinkTM Cloud Services platform. Routers can be accessed from any web browser via the mydlinkTM portal or via an iPhone, iPad, or Android device with the free mydlinkTM app available exclusively to D-Link customers. Using a supported mobile device, it is possible to check on family members whenever they arrive home and go online which can be a valuable tool for parents. With the touch of a screen, parents can also monitor which sites are being visited, or prevent unwanted devices from connecting to their home network. Any new activity occurring on the network will trigger a notification sent to the network's owner via email, so that they are always up to date on the status of their network. Mobile alert notifications warn users in the event that intrusion attempts are detected and blocked, or whenever important security updates are available.

Share and stream files with ShareportTM Mobile

Connect a USB storage device to these Cloud Routers to create a communal storage space, to share files between computers and devices connected to a home network. A USB hard drive can furthermore be plugged into the USB port on either router to stream libraries of videos and music to a laptop. An easy to use web interface lets users access, upload, and play files stored on a USB drive, and the SharePortTM Mobile app for iOS and Android devices allows for the backup of photos and videos stored on a device. Shared storage spaces can even be customised by creating separate accounts to control access to the USB drive, so music can be shared with multiple users while personal files remain private. Cloud Routers with SharePortTM Mobile Technology can also be used as media servers to stream media stored on a USB storage drive to any DLNA compliant player like the Boxee Box by D-Link.

Configure a network instantly with Quick Router Setup (QRS) Mobile

D-Link Cloud Routers can optionally be configured for the first time from the comfort of a couch, using the QRS (Quick Router Setup) Mobile app for iPhone or iPad. Simply plug in the router, open the app, and follow a few easy steps to establish a wireless network throughout the home without ever once needing to touch a computer. Once a network is established, new devices can be securely added to a network at the touch of a button using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). WPA/WPA2 encryption and a built-in dual-active firewall (SPI and NAT) ensure that data sent wirelessly is secure.

Enjoy high-speed Wireless N connectivity

Both the Cloud Gigabit Router N300 (DIR-636L) and Cloud Gigabit Router N600 (DIR-826L) establish a fast and reliable wireless network for delivering broadband Internet to devices throughout the home. Wireless N technology extends coverage, reduces dead spots and preserves compatibility with earlier wireless networking standards. The router's high-powered amplifier boosts signal strength, while integrated intelligent antenna technology transmits multiple streams of data by bouncing wireless signals off walls and sending a wireless connection to the farthest corners of a home or office. As a dualband wireless router, the Cloud Gigabit   Router N600 (DIR-826L) uses the 5Ghz frequency band to avoid interference with other nearby wireless devices like cordless telephones and microwave ovens. The 5Ghz band is used in tandem with the 2.4Ghz band delivering up to double the bandwidth of single-band wireless solutions. Perfect for streaming, gaming or Internet calls.

Both Cloud Routers incorporate Gigabit Ethernet ports and feature an attractive cylindrical housing with a minimal footprint suitable for installation on shelves, desks, and tabletops for maximum range and flexibility. Both feature an intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) engine that optimises network traffic on the fly for time-sensitive applications like VoIP phone calls and gaming.


Cloud Gigabit Router N300 (DIR-636L) - RRP £64.99 inc VAT

Cloud Gigabit Router N300 (DIR-826L) - RRP £84.99 inc VAT.