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D-Link launches industry’s first Wireless N PowerLine Gigabit Router

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LONDON - 14th February 2012 -, D-Link has today announced the launch of its  Wireless N PowerLine Gigabit Router (DHP-1565)  designed to offer consumers enhanced coverage, high-speed connectivity and protection against Internet dead spots. .

By combining the functions of a high-speed Wireless N Router and PowerLine technology within a single, versatile device, the Wireless N PowerLine Gigabit Router enables consumers to enjoy networking speeds of up to 300 Mbps wirelessly and up to 500 Mbps through their existing electrical wiring. No longer is there the need to buy multiple separate network devices or to trail wires throughout the house to resolve coverage dead spots or areas of poor wireless connectivity. This router, with both wireless and PowerLine built-in, allows consumers to easily expand their network to every corner of their home.

Reinforcing D-Link's "green" credentials, the Gigabit Router also supports various features to ensure that it is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. A built-in WLAN Scheduler allows users to configure specific time periods when the wireless network can be turned off to save energy and enhance security. PowerLine stand-by shuts down the PowerLine connection when activity is not detected. Green Ethernet provides additional savings by putting the Ethernet ports in sleep mode and by automatically detecting the length of the Ethernet cables connected to its ports, to supply only the right amount of power.

Adrian Edwards, Consumer Solutions Manager at D-Link UK & Ireland, said:  "As consumer electronics get smarter and the Digital Home develops, consumers' home networks are also evolving. Increases in online gaming and HD streaming in particular require a more robust, far-reaching and interference free home network. This router is the perfect solution, combining two complementary technologies to provide connectivity wherever you are, whatever you are doing, throughout the house. With consumers downloading more, demanding better coverage and faster speed, the Wireless N PowerLine Gigabit Router is a great addition to our PowerLine range".

The D-Link DHP-1565 is available through the company's broad network of reseller partners, priced from the suggested retail price (SRP) of £129.99 including VAT.

Wireless N PowerLine Gigabit Router (DHP-1565):

  • Wireless N Gigabit Router and PowerLine AV 500 Adapter built-in
  • Up to 300 Mbps wireless speeds
  • Gigabit ports for the fastest wired speeds
  • 500 Mbps data transfer rates over existing electrical wiring
  • D-Link GreenTM: energy-saving design

About D-Link

D-Link is one of the world's leading networking infrastructure providers, and last year celebrated its 25th year of delivering innovative, high-performing and intuitive products for both businesses and consumers. For a quarter of a century, D-Link has designed, developed and manufactured award-winning networking, wireless, storage, security and IP surveillance solutions.  D-Link delivers its extensive range of networking products to organisations and consumers though its global network of channel partners and service providers. D-Link understands the significance of accessing, managing, securing and sharing data and digital content, and has pioneered many IP technologies to deliver a fully integrated Digital Home and business network experience.  For more information, please visit