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Tags: D-Link (TPE:2332)

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LONDON, UK – 3rd November, 2009 – D-Link today began shipping an 802.11n Wi-Fi network camera that allows users to remotely monitor live streaming video via the Internet. The new D-Link Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-1130) provides users with an easier way to experience a connected, digital lifestyle.

Offering plug and play connectivity, the new D-Link network camera features easy installation and setup, mobile 3G and Web monitoring, 16x digital zoom, motion detection, integrated microphone and multiple profiles. The DCS-1130 connects to the home or small business network using 802.11n Wi-Fi with WPS support.

With 3GPP mobile surveillance, users can view a live feed from the cameras using a 3G-enabled cell phone, PDA or any compatible RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) device. Users are offered a flexible and convenient way to remotely monitor their homes or offices in real time from anywhere within a customer's mobile network by simply using a common 3GPP-compatible player on the mobile device.

"Our new network camera offers an ideal solution for the home or small business, providing many features found in more costly surveillance systems, with powerful 802.11n Wi-Fi capability so customers have greater range and flexibility for installing cameras where coverage is needed,” said Andrew Mulholland, Marketing Manager, D-Link UK & Ireland.

“The cameras also offer a user experience unmatched in the industry, enabling customers to quickly view and manage their cameras from a standard web browser with Internet connectivity."

For advanced users that want more out of their camera, the DCS-1130 also comes with D-Link D-ViewCam™ management software. D-ViewCam comes with a host of features including the ability to record directly from the camera to a local hard drive, trigger motion detection, set recording schedules, set e-mail alert notifications, and even support for up to 32 cameras. D-ViewCam also allows you to upload a floor plan of your home or small business and create a realistic layout of where your cameras are located, providing you with better access to your camera. For even greater recording flexibility, you can record video directly to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, eliminating the need for a dedicated computer to store video.

Price and Availability

The DCS-1130 is available now for a recommended retail price (RRP) of £189.99 inc. VAT. For more information, visit