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D-Link’s DES-3528 xStack Switch achieves MEF 9 & 14 Certification

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LONDON, UK -- 4 September, 2008 – D-Link, a leading provider of networking and communication solutions, today announces the receipt of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 9 & 14 Certification for its xStack DES-3528 switch. The certification was granted by the Iometrix test laboratory.

Iometrix, together with the MEF, aims to provide certification that is globally acknowledged and trusted by Carriers and vendors for deployment of Carrier Ethernet Services. Attaining this certification demonstrates D-Link’s on-going commitment to strive for the highest quality standards in its networking products.

In the wider context, MEF certification provides a globally recognised interoperability standard that improves 'approval' processes and independently validates functionality and conformance, thus reducing testing costs and time to market for Service Providers.

In addition, the MEF certification provides a performance and behaviour benchmark as well as creating a platform for future standards testing.

The Metro Ethernet market has been a major focus for D-link globally. With 8 million ports shipped over the past 2 years, D-Link continues to demonstrate a strong track record of providing innovative and robust technologies for Service Provider networks.

The DES-3528/52 series is D-Link’s latest flagship of Fast Ethernet managed xStack switches and designed to supersede the DES-3526/50 series – D-Link’s most successful and widely reputed L2 switches. Apart from inheriting most of the features from the DES-3526/50 series, the DES-3528 family provides numerous additional future-proof technologies, thereby offering a unique cost-performance ratio.