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Zyxel Launches a Powerful LTE Multi-Band Outdoor Router

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Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet access and connected home products, today launches the LTE7480-M804 LTE Advanced Outdoor Router, enabling users to access high-speed and stable connection in remote areas where other technologies would be cost-prohibitive. 

With the sudden shift to working from home for a significant percentage of the European workforce, many businesses are now looking for solutions to ensure their employees have access to the technology they need to be productive. A reliable and fast connection to the corporate network is a key consideration and particularly difficult to provide for workers in broadband dead spots.

By delivering broadband over the latest LTE mobile networks, the router can be easily deployed and integrated into any existing infrastructure. It can be set as the main connection or as a backup in case performance of the main broadband connection drops, relieving the risk of network outage at a time when more and more businesses rely on a dispersed workforce.

Features and benefits of the LTE7480-M804 LTE-A Outdoor Router:

  • Lightning-fast internet connectivity: LTE7480 employs 3GPP UE category 12 speak with downlink data rates of up to 600 Mbps through four spatial streams on two carrier components. 
  • High-gain antennas: LTE7480 features a built-in 4x4 MIMO, high-gain wide transmission antenna of up to 8 dBi; outdoor design enables the LTE7480 to work under almost non-line-of-sight conditions to increase coverage and bandwidth. 
  • Easy to deploy: The LTE7480 supports bridge and router functions for flexible deployment; 802.3af/at PoE eliminates need for separate power source; IP68 outdoor-friendly design makes it possible to work in harsh environments; compatible with the free ‘Zyxel Ally’ app to find the best signal spot for installation. 
  • Remote management: An intuitive mobile app and web-based interface enables remote management, from settings configuration, network status monitoring and software upgrades to firewall management.
  • Non-stop connectivity: Wireless LTE can be used for the multi-WAN fail-over application without a cabling plan. When used in conjunction with a gateway that supports multi-WAN fail-over, such as the Zyxel USG ranges, simply connect the LTE7480 to the existing gateway and set the LTE as the fail-over WAN.

“Enabling network capability in any home office setting is crucial as businesses face the impact of social distancing measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. The new Zyxel 4G LTE-A outdoor router presents a powerful and cost-effective solution to deliver high-speed broadband to remote areas over existing LTE mobile networks,” explained Jon Pearce, Regional Director Market Development Europe at Zyxel. “This new router can be easily integrated into any existing infrastructure and work either as the main connection or backup when the performance of the main connection drops. With the capability for remote management, even the least tech-proficient employees will be able to access outstanding connection with high-speed and strong signal from long-range transmission.”

For more information on Zyxel and its families of connectivity solutions for homes and businesses, visit www.zyxel.com.

About Zyxel Networks:

Zyxel has been getting home and business users online for over 30 years, relying since Day 1 on innovation and customer-centric service. In 1989, this meant analog modems. Today, it means using AI and the cloud to deliver rapid, reliable, and secure networking solutions for home and business.

Zyxel is a global force in the communications market with an unrivalled international presence that includes:

—150 markets served

—700,000 businesses working smarter with Zyxel solutions

—100 million devices creating global connections

We’re building the networks of tomorrow, unlocking potential, and meeting the needs of the modern workplace—powering people at work, play, and life.