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Taipei, Taiwan 15 May, 2020 – ASUSTOR Inc. has now opened the ADM 3.5 program, featuring a new design that brings together all system-related settings and new snapshot features for MyArchive. ADM 3.5 has also strengthened data maintenance and file management features. Download ADM 3.5 today.

New Features:  

New Preferences Widget – Easily Find the Settings You Want  

The all-new preferences widget design integrates all ADM settings, and integrates settings functions that were originally scattered in preferences, access control, and services into a single area. The new interface makes system management more efficient and settings easier to find. Browse and access all related settings with one click.

MyArchive Now Supports Btrfs and Snapshots

ASUSTOR’s MyArchive has been upgraded again, bringing Btrfs and snapshots.  Btrfs enables easy control of your backups by supporting snapshots and version history. If a file is unintentionally modified, it can be recovered. The advent of Btrfs on MyArchive drives enable even safer backups than ever before. MyArchive drives with Btrfs are fully supported on other ASUSTOR NAS devices that support Btrfs, strengthening protection of your data. 

Applicable models: AS31, 32, 40, 50, 51, 52, 53, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 70

Browse and Access MyArchive Snapshots and EZ Sync Files  

File Explorer has been upgraded browse more diversified data sources. In addition to MyArchive snapshots, historic versions of files are easily accessible through File Explorer to quickly restore previous versions. EZ Sync support has also been added to File Explorer to make files directly accessible. With File Explorer, files and folders can be dragged and dropped directly to and from EZ Sync folders, making EZ Sync easier than ever to use.

Download ADM 3.5 Beta today: https://www.asustor.com/  

For support and feedback: https://support.asustor.com/


Founded in 2011, ASUSTOR Inc. was established via direct investment from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. The ASUSTOR brand name was created as a portmanteau of “ASUS” and “Storage”. ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions, also specializing in the development and integration of related firmware, hardware and applications. We are devoted to providing the world with unparalleled user experiences and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.