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HannsG monitor portfolio by Hannspree set to swell in Q3

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Coming soon: HannsG adds 4K, embraces the DisplayPort and unveils its first Open Frame design monitor

Hemel Hempstead. 23.07.15. Display specialist, Hannspree, is getting ready to expand its HannsG monitor product portfolio in Q3 with a wealth of new products. HannsG prides itself on offering the monitor market a precise portfolio which enables its customers to choose the right monitor to very simply fulfill their requirements. The new models coming in Q3 are designed to either; supersede current models with improved specifications, or to appeal to new customers, rather than complicate the existing range with endless similar sku's. HannsG will add a number of attractive new display technologies to its already inclusive product line-up ensuring customers its most comprehensive collection of monitors to date. 

Q3 will see Hannspree add its first 4K monitor to its HannsG range, it will improve a number of solutions with the addition of the versatile high performance DisplayPort connection, and a new open frame gaming and industrial display solution will become available to meet the demands of OEM's and system integrators. Of course, Hannspree will also offer more every day solutions all of which promise the HannsG monitor industry leading 3 year warranty and highly competitive price tags.

The new HU282PPS is the first HannsG monitor to include a 4K resolution. It boasts a massive 28" display and an arsenal of ports including two HDMI, DVI and the new DisplayPort making it ideal for professional graphic applications and stunning multimedia performance. HannsG will also add a 2K model (HQ271HPG) to its high end range featuring a 27" display with picture improving IPS technology.

Joining the HannsG line-up of ergonomic monitors is the new HP246PJB. This monitor also hosts the new DisplayPort whilst offering a comfortable and flexible viewing experience for users with height adjust, pivot and swivel functionality. The HP series is renowned for fulfilling large tender requirements, so the HP246PJB will be a welcome addition for those looking to upgrade.

The new HX193DRP is HannsG's first commercially available Open Frame monitor. In addition to offering OEM's and system integrators a high performing display solution, it also lends itself to applications in the gaming amusement market, retail self-service and the industrial sector. This display has multiple mounting options and includes integrated brackets to provide easy installation for multiple applications.

Martin Kent, UK Manager, Hannspree comments: "It is our mission at Hannspree to stay at the forefront of display technology whilst delivering reliable, cost effective solutions. We enjoy the benefits of a highly experienced parent company which allows us to react quickly to changeable market demands and conditions, and deliver high quality hardware from precision manufacturing. The new line-up of HannsG monitors coming to market in Q3 will enrich our existing portfolio by serving up new tech and new designs to meet the requirements of an ever evolving market place. "

More detailed information about Hannspree's new products will be available in Q3. Watch out for more HannsG roadmap news as the company continues to serve up new solutions to underline its position in the global market place as a leading display specialist. 

About Hannspree
Twitter: @HannspreeUK

Hannspree is a global consumer electronics manufacturer specialising in audio visual technology. It is part of the HannStar Display Corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, one of the largest glass panel manufacturers in the world consequently both the Hannspree and HannsG brands benefit from a rich heritage and world-class technological prowess in AV technology.

HannStar created the Hannspree brand in 2006 to deliver a new, exciting portfolio of consumer electronic products that stood out from the crowd which successfully managed to shake up an industry associated with mass-production and uniform product design to lead a design-centric revolution. This strategy put the Hannspree brand on the map and allowed the company to successfully transfer its expertise into the design of mass consumer electronics in line with market demand.

Hannspree now offers a portfolio of large screen Tablet PCs, Smartphones and Wearable tech boasting advanced proprietary touch screen technologies by HannsTouch - one of the largest touch screen manufacturers in the world, and plans to add and quickly expand a range of computing devices.

Hannspree's experience and knowledge of display technology has also made them a leader in the global monitor market with the sub brand, HannsG, delivering a comprehensive range of carefully crafted monitors to suit even the most specific requirements.