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Packard Bell Maestro TV

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The new Packard Bell Maestro TV is a slim and stylish display supporting computer input and a hybrid TV-tuner that plays back HD TV and MPEG-4 for great versatility with Pal or SECAM standard.

The 21.5-inch (54 cm) Packard Bell Maestro 220 TV and the 24-inch (61 cm) Packard Bell Maestro 240 TV are only 19mm thick, ensuring they will look stylish in any room in the house, whilst taking up very little space.

The 16:9 widescreen is perfect for watching DVD movies and HD TV in their natural format, while the 5 ms response time is ideal to gaming.

Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution presents vibrant, highly detailed visuals for extremely enjoyable movies, videos and games. With up to 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast, and all-digital HDMI™ connectivity, the Packard Bell Maestro TV is ideally suited as the center of a home entertainment system.

The Packard Bell Maestro TV is designed to offer easy access to connectors, with 2 x HDMI™ connectors, and 1x USB connector on the side, allowing you to quickly and easily plug in devices. The rear side includes a coaxial connector for digital sound, SCART, VGA, PC Audio-in and component connectors so you can hook up a wide range of home-entertainment devices and keep all the cables neatly hidden away.

Finally, the 2x5 Watt built-in speakers let you listen to your favourite songs and watch your preferred movies. You can easily connect your monitor to your camera and your DVD player, to show your friends the pictures of your holidays, enjoy together the latest film, listen to music or read the news on the web, all whilst comfortably sitting on a couch and navigating with the remote control. If you are a passionate gamer, connect your console to the Packard Bell Maestro TV via HDMI port or SCART port and you will enjoy the best image quality ever at a high refresh rate for an immersive action.

Out with friends and don’t want to miss your favourite show with twists and turns? Catch up on your favourite TV serial, just plug in a 32 GB USB key into the Packard Bell Maestro TV USB port, record the program to watch it anytime you want.

Mercury-free LED panel

The mercury-free LED panel uses 68% less power than traditional CCFL panels, ensuring reduced pollution and lower bills. The Packard Bell Maestro TV monitor also meets the stringent Energy Star 5.0 saving standards.

The Packard Bell Maestro TV series will be available in European outlets in September 2010.

Availability and prices vary according to country.