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HANNspree Sets its Sights on Gamers with New Gaming Monitors

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UK. 14.09.18. Experts in display and touch technology, HANNspree, are finally entering the gaming arena with a new series of high-performance monitors. The HG HANNspree Gaming monitor range delivers spec features designed specifically for the visual demands of PC and console games, from rapid response times and Adaptive-Sync Technology to smart and practical designs.

HANNspree will begin its gaming monitor campaign with two models aimed at two different ends of the gaming spectrum.

Power-up: HG244PJB 24inch gaming monitor with ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and Adaptive-Sync

Whether for Real Time Strategy, First Person Shooter games, or speed running, the Full HD HG244PJB is a great choice for casual, regular and up-and-coming professional gamers looking for the ultimate gaming experience with a cost-effective edge. Delivering seamless graphic performance thanks to Adaptive-Sync Technology working alongside a super-fast 144Hz refresh rate and a turbo 1ms response time, this monitor ensures that gamers can react like a pro even under intense pressure; fast-moving actions and dramatic transitions are rendered with silky smooth ease, objects in motion remain perfectly sharp and fast-paced games, played at even the highest compatible visual settings, perform without juddering, blur or screen tearing. This monitor hosts 2 x HDMI and 1 x DisplayPort. Available now for £199 inc. VAT.

Fully immerse: HG324QJB 32inch curved 2K gaming and design monitor with ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate, 2ms response time and Adaptive-Sync

Casual console gamers, movie buffs and content designers get set for a fully immersive viewing experience with the new HG324QJB. Featuring a stunning 2K display with a 3,000:1 high contrast and 178° wide viewing angles this monitor promises a high-end visual performance. It also improves on standard monitor gamut coverage by at least 20% which means that colours and detail are more refined and more realistic. Thanks to the 1800R curved panel, the most comfortable curvature for the human eye, users can engage with their favourite box sets and games for longer. Furthermore, Ultra-Low Blue Light Filters protect the eyes from harmful blue light during long viewing sessions to reduce the risk of eye strain and headaches. With gamers and graphic designers in mind the HG324QJB boasts a super narrow bezel design making it ideal for multi-display set ups. The flawless continuity between screens enables gamers to create the perfect gaming arena while multimedia professionals can enjoy an extensive, modern work space. This monitor is equipped with 2x HDMI 1 x DisplayPort and a mini DP for native WQHD. Available now for £399 inc. VAT.

The HG Gaming Series of monitors feature 4-in-1 ergonomic stands. Offering swivel, tilt, pivot and height manoeuvres, users can quickly and simply position these monitors with the perfect viewing angles for complete personal comfort even during endurance play. They also include Flicker-Free technology reducing on-screen flicker for visual comfort and have built-in stereo speakers for convenient audio when external speakers or headphones aren’t available. 

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About HANNspree

Twitter: @HANNspreeUK

HANNspree is a global consumer electronics manufacturer specialising in visual display technology. It is part of the HannStar Display Corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, one of the largest glass panel manufacturers in the world, consequently HANNspree benefits from a rich heritage and world-class technological prowess in AV technology. 

HannStar created the HANNspree brand in 2006 to deliver a new, exciting portfolio of products featuring extremely innovative design and the latest display technologies, aimed at the high-end consumer electronics market. Today, HANNspree offers a portfolio of Tablet PCs, Monitors and Multi-Touch Displays with advanced technologies and displays produced by HannsTouch – a subsidiary of HannStar – one of the largest touch screen manufacturers in the world. 

The important worldwide technological heritage and the different synergies of the Group in the hi-tech business have made it possible for HANNspree to achieve a leading position in the global display market, delivering a comprehensive range of carefully crafted monitors to suit even the most specific requirements. HANNspree’s manufacturing capabilities enables them to offer bespoke display and touch solutions for business applications and hardware integration. The capacity and production flexibility of HANNspree, combined with the commercial and business one, has also allowed it to obtain important approvals at European level, with customized open frame touch display solutions for vertical projects such as automation systems and vending, as well as info-points and information kiosks in retail environments. 

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