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Wonderful Completion for ECS in 2013 Taipei Computex

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New Launched L337 Gaming Motherboards and 2013 Modmen Competition Fascinate Audiences

2013/6/25 Taipei, Taiwan - ECS, which recently celebrated the company's 26th anniversary, hosted the 2013 Computex in the Nangang Exhibition Center on June 4-8. With the core value Believe to Achieve, ECS proudly announced Durathon technology which surpasses the industry's durability standards, the L337 Gaming Motherboard GANK Series especially created for hardcore gamers, as well as the elegant and versatile All-in-One PC, which featured enhancements such as the independent graphics cards. These exciting highlights, in addition to fabulous stage events, made the ECS booth a must see at this year's Computex.

L337 Gaming Motherboard: Perfectly Designed for Gamers

ECS, in conjunction with Intel's new 8 series Haswell processor and Z87 chipset, introduced its L337 Gaming Motherboard GANK Series which was designed and created for gamers, capturing the attention of the media and hordes of gamers at Computex.

L337 is pronounced as Leet, is used as an adjective to describe formidable prowess or accomplishment, especially in the fields of online gaming. The unique Qooltech V Cooling Technology in the L337 gaming motherboard GANK series has a built-in Fansink design for active thermal dissipation. The thermochromic technology and the shark fin style heatsink make this L337 Gaming Motherboard extra pleasing to the eye. Due to the demand for high-end audio, L337 Gaming Motherboard incorporates the SoundCord 3D with an independent Digital Sound Processor (DSP). Moreover, with KILLER E2201 Dual LAN, gamers are able to surpass the speed limit in the Internet world.

In addition to the L337 gaming motherboard, this marked the first time that L337 is a proud sponsor of renowned gaming team-Complexity Gaming, which is specialized in League of Legends, Call of Duty, WarCraft II...etc. For more L337 Gaming Motherboard and Complexity information, please visit L337 Microsite http://l337gaming.com.

Durathon Technology: Shattering Durability Standards

All ECS motherboards now feature Durathon Technology. Durathon is the new durability standard, which includes Triple Density PCB, Extreme Temperature Resistance, 1.5K Marathon Test, and Superior Solid CAPs, to ensure our users are getting high quality motherboards, made with high quality components designed ensure that users have a motherboard that will stand the test of time and continue to give great performance for a long time.

At this year's Computex, ECS chose to categorize the displayed motherboards by different purposes-Gamer, Multi Media, Business, IPC and Thin Mini-ITX series-in order for every user to easily find the perfect motherboard based on what they need.

Fully Upgraded : All-in-One PC Featuring Independent Graphics Cards and Z Stand

The ECS All-in-One PC, which has received widespread attention, the flagship model G24 in particular, was the main attraction at Computex and created a quite a buzz. In addition to the elegant appearance, G24 M+ is equipped with MXM architecture independent graphics card is slated to become the ultimate audio and video blessing for users. The new released Z Stand allows 90-degree rotation of the monitor, from vertical to horizontal, and has enhanced touch capabilities in entertainment applications.

The G24 is also available with the ARM architecture of the Android operating system, giving uses a wider selection of applications. Moreover, the ability to be swapped out with a variety of Thin Mini-ITX motherboards is still a special feature of ECS All-in-One PC. Intel newest 8 series, which include H87 and B85, has been added to the array of Thin Mini-ITX motherboards, giving the All-in-One PC users more selections to choose the motherboard based on their individual needs.

Modmen Competition: Superior Modding Craftsmanship

During more than six-month competition, 5 finalists were chosen from hundreds of entries in the Modmen Competition. Top 5 modders and their amazing works were flown to Taipei to participate in the final stage of competition, which took place during Computex. On the ECS stage, the contestants gave performances to display their innovations and skills. F.A.T., a jewelry designer from the Netherlands, made some creations on the spot giving to the excited audience. Masbuskado, from the United States, demonstrated an intriguing method of cutting through a case. MegKorea, a team from South Korea, impressed the audience with high-tech 3D mapping capabilities. Finally, OrthusWong, from Mexico, impressed everyone with his unique painting technique.

On 6/6, ECS proudly announced the finally result by ECS President Sunny Yang at Computex. Finally Masbuskado from United States with his incredible mod work-OPPREZZORS: Annihilation Squad- won the title Modman 2013 and $1,000,000 NTD.

About ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems)

ECS, Elitegroup Computer Systems, was established in 1987, and is approaching its 26th year of business. More than two decades, ECS has overcome a great deal of obstacles facing new businesses and has experienced the joy of significant growth and development. Her main focus has expanded to not only motherboards, but also All-in-One PC and notebook computers, graphics cards and other mobile products. ECS is strongly committed to develop cutting-edge technology in order to generate innovative products under environmental friendly designs. ECS comprehensive system of quality control provides our clients with reassurance and fosters long term cooperation. Visit http://www.ecs.com.tw to learn more.