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XGI Showcased at Major Tradeshow CES 2005

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Las Vegas, NV USA—January 6, 2005— XGI Technology Inc, the largest Graphic Chip Design Company in Asia, today announced the continuing effort to globally distribute XGI brand Volari™ in CES 2005, the major electronics consumers’ show in the US (LVCC Hall 4, Booth 36076). In CES 2005, XGI will be presenting the Dell Inspiron 5160 which utilizes Volari™ XP5’s mobile solution for the maximum performance. Furthermore, the full product line of Volari™ brand in the Desktop, Mobile, & Server markets will be offered.

“It demonstrates our great R&D ability and product quality to capture Dell’s recognition in such a short period of time. Globally, we have pushed for the Volari™ series brand in Desktop, Mobile, & Server. Furthermore, many companies have adapted to our solutions.” said Ralph Cheng, World-Wide Sales VP of XGI. “US is an important market place in the Graphics field. We have worked hard to build a strong customer relationship and soon the US consumers will be the beneficiary of our hard works.”

In the desktop sector, Volari™ brand incorporates high end, main stream, & value markets. Volari™ V8 & V5 are targeted at high end & main stream markets; They support the newest structure in Microsoft DirectX and OpenGL, Shader 2.0, has great 3D cinematic effects, 8/4 pixel pipelines, realistic coloring, and smooth curves. Volari™ V3 & V3XT have the highest PC ratio over the same market sector’s competitions. Volari™ V3XT is the only product in this market sector that supports DirectX9.

In the mobile sector, XGI obtains Dell & ECS as major clients. The product that made this possible is the Volari™ XP5 which supports Microsoft DirectX9.

With fewer transistors, Volari™ XP5 has lower power consumption, a better thermal solution, and better performance than our competitors. With CoolPower Technology, XP5 evidently prolongs the battery life of the bundling notebook. Volari™ XP5 incorporates technologies such as TrueVideo Accelerator, ColorAmp Engine, and Cipher Video Processor for a high quality, clear, and stable image quality.

In the Server, Thin Client, and other embedded markets, Volari Z7 beats all its competitions and is XGI’s new bright star. Volari™ Z7 has built-in 2D graphics engine, supports PCI interface, and DDR/DDRII/GDDRIII specs. The direct support of PCI interface eliminates the cost of PCI and AGP Bridge. Furthermore, it is extremely flexible with 8-128MB memory combination and high performance 16bit/32bit bandwidth. The die chip of Volari™ Z7 is smaller than competitor’s; It has more advanced and complex design, can support a broader market audience, and have great software supports. Lastly, Volari™ Z7 utilizes Microsoft DirectDraw for the best utilization of system memory. With half the number of transistors, Volari™ Z7 requires lowest thermal solution, low power, and more stable performance.