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AMD Introduces Radeon Pro W5500 Workstation Graphics


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Today, AMD announced the Radeon Pro W5500 graphics card, delivering the performance and advanced features to meet the demands of today’s modern Design & Manufacturing, and Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) professionals. AMD also announced the Radeon Pro W5500M GPU to power next-generation, high-performance professional mobile workstations. 

Harnessing the high-performance AMD RDNA architecture and GDDR6 memory, the Radeon Pro W5500 graphics card delivers up to 25 percent higher performance-per-clock than the previous-generation Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.

Key features of the Radeon Pro W5500 graphics card include:

  • Incredible multitasking performance – Provides up to 10x better estimated application workflow performance versus the competition in the SPECviewperf 13 benchmark under a multitasking load.
  • Real-world power efficiency – The combination of the power efficient AMD RDNA architecture and Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise enables the Radeon Pro W5500 to scale to meet the power demands of professional applications, consuming up to 32 percent less system power on average in SOLIDWORKS solid modeling workflows than the competition.
  • Professional-grade software – Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise offers performance improvements in each release. Support is also provided for AMD Remote Workstation allowing professionals to access their physical workstations from virtually anywhere. 

The Radeon Pro W5500 graphics card is expected to be available beginning mid-February for $399 USD SEP from leading retailers. Find more information about where to buy here. The Radeon Pro W5500M GPU is expected to be available in professional mobile workstations beginning in Spring 2020.