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ASUS Announces Partnership with Quantumcloud

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  • With ASUS graphics cards and Quantumcloud software, gamers can mine cryptocurrency and cash out via PayPal or WeChat accounts. 
  • Customer data is protected under strict GDPR regulations to ensure privacy and financial security.  
  • Digital wallet management, cryptocurrency mining mix, conversions, and transfers are all handled automatically by Quantumcloud.  

TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 29, 2018 — ASUS today announced a new strategic partnership with Quantumcloud, a startup with a software solution that allows gamers to use their idle graphics cards to mine cryptocurrency and receive a digital cash payout through PayPal or WeChat.  

As a leader in the world-wide graphics card market, ASUS is uniquely poised as a distribution partner for the Quantumcloud app, which delivers cash to customers depending on how efficiently their system mines cryptocurrencies. ASUS, who brings many high-end graphics cards to the market every year, has a large user base that can potentially earn a passive incomei by installing Quantumcloud’s software.   

Quantumcloud stands apart from other mining apps by keeping customer data safe and being extremely easy to use. As part of its pledge to protect user data, Quantumcloud launched with GDPR compliance in place and does not require customers to create a unique login. Instead, customers use their existing PayPal or WeChat account to log in and collect their earnings. To simplify the user experience, digital wallet management, cryptocurrency mining mix, currency conversions, and fiat transfers are all integrated into the back-end of the Quantumcloud software. 

For more information about Quantumcloud, visit quantumcloudai.com or contact your local ASUS representative. 

ASUS Global Press Room: http://press.asus.com 

ASUS Global Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/asus 

ASUS Global Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/asus 

Quantumcloud Home Page: https://www.quantumcloudai.com 

About ASUS 

ASUS is one of Fortune magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies, and is dedicated to creating products for today and tomorrow’s smart life. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Zenbo, ZenFone, ZenBook and a range of IT devices and components, along with AR, VR and IoT. ASUS employs more than 16,000 people worldwide and over 5,000 world-class R&D talents. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, the company won 4,511 awards and earned approximately US$13 billion of revenue in 2017.  

i Quantum Cloud International Pte. Ltd. (Quantumcloud) does not guarantee that users of its software will make any earnings or profit, nor does Quatumcloud guarantee any particular financial outcome for users. Users must consider their own usage costs, such as electricity, and make their own judgements about how to use Quantumcloud software. Earning rates may change based on the performance of the cryptocurrency market and cannot be guaranteed or influenced in any way by Quantumcloud. Quantumcloud, its parent company, investors, employees, and “affiliated” partners hold no responsibility for users’ profits or losses. User rights and responsibilities with respect to the use of Quantumcloud are subject to Terms and Conditions, which will be agreed upon before Quantumcloud is used.