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Radeon Pro Software 17.10


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Today, AMD unveils its next major professional software update for developers, Radeon Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.10 for Radeon Pro WX 9100 and Radeon Vega Frontier Edition graphics cards, in addition to an array of new features and improved performance for Radeon ProRender, AMD’s powerful physically-based rendering engine.

17.10 builds upon the massive feature set previewed this past summer, providing professionals with new industry-leading stability, performance and feature improvements, including: 

  • Optimization of game development workflows. The new, optional “Driver Options” in Radeon Pro Software 17.10 lets developers swap between “Radeon Pro Software” and the latest “Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition for Radeon Pro” driver with Radeon WX 9100 and Vega Frontier Edition cards.
  • Strengthened security against malware. Radeon WX 9100 and Vega Frontier Edition cards have a dedicated AMD Secure Processor built into the silicon, which works in tandem with Radeon Pro Software and Microsoft Device Guard to thwart malicious attacks, while securing graphics bound IP at the same time.
  • Radeon Pro ReLive, refined. Updates include higher maximum recording bitrate (up to 100 Mbps), camera transparency, improved notifications and enhanced audio controls.

AMD is also introducing enhancements to Radeon ProRender, providing more responsive interactive rendering and enabling artists to get their work done sooner. The updated Radeon ProRender plug-in for Blender, provides up to 29 percent faster rendering than the previous version, the 3ds Max plug-in up to 35 percent, the Maya plug-in up to 28 percent, and the SOLIDWORKS add-in up to 14 percent. 

New features include: 

  • Shadow Catcher material, which allows developers to collect shadows and reflections from rendered objects for compositing objects to IBL (Image-Based Lighting) environments or backplate images.
  • IES lighting and the ability to load the IES file-format, letting content creators use the exact scattering and fall-offs of real-world lighting 
  • Simplified sampling for ProRender makes sampling easier for all plug-ins and add-ins. Developers no longer need to set AA sampling, as now all rendering samples are used for anti-aliasing. 

Radeon ProRender now also offers open-source availability for developers. In addition, ProRender is integrated into the new MAXON Cinema 4D Release 19 (R19), with planned integration for Foundry’s Modo in 2018.

You can download the new update for WX 9100, here. For Vega Frontier Edition update, visit here. You can access additional press assets here. For more information, please check out the 17.10 blog and the ProRender blog, as well as the following videos: