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Announcing the Swiftech Komodo GTX Titan X Waterblock

Tags: Swiftech, NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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Swiftech® announces the release of our Komodo™ NV-ECO GTX Titan X VGA waterblock. The block is designed for Nvidia's flagship Titan X (Pascal architecture) graphics cards. A new RGB LED lighting system is now also being offered as an option for this block under part number LS80 Lightstrip, and it will become part of the standard options available for all future waterblocks of the ECO series. The addition of a new lighting system using ALED technology for the ECO line of Komodo waterblocks will now allow enthusiasts to light up their entire custom build including radiator, reservoir, CPU and GPU waterblocks with a common color scheme.

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New Swiftech® accessory released:
The VGA-PWM-EC400 is a 40cm long electrical harness that plugs into any Graphics card 4 pin fan connector, and allows the graphics card to remotely control PWM capable devices such as pump(s) and/or fan(s). This functionality is useful when building a separate cooling loop dedicated solely to graphics cards. With this cable installed, users will be able to control and regulate the operating speed of the cooling system pump(s) and/or fan(s) based on the temperature of the graphics card.
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MSRP for the Komodo NV-ECO GTX TITAN X Waterblock: $124.95
MSRP for the Komodo NV GTX1080 Backplate: $29.95
MSRP for the Komodo NV-LE GTX TITAN X Waterblock (including backplate and PWM/ALED controller) $169.95
MSRP for the VGA-PWM-EC400: $4.95