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Asetek Signs Manufacturing Contract With AVC

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Press Release

Broenderslev, Denmark, May 7, 2007 – Asetek, the market leader of thermal management solutions for semiconductors, announced today that they have signed a three year manufacturing contract with one of the most respected thermal cooling suppliers in the computer market; Asia Vital Components (AVC).

The manufacturing handover process starts when a prototype meets the customer’s and Asetek requirements; Asetek runs a small scale production line at their own production facility in Denmark to validate the manufacturability, quality and performance. From here, Asetek invites AVC for training to make sure that documentation, drawings, material details, and construction techniques are fully understood.
The manufacturing is now ready to be handed over to AVC for mass production. During the first production runs, Asetek provides on-site support in order to assure that the manufacturing process meets Asetek’s expectations.

AVC has shown the ability to grow and adapt in an ever changing and competitive market.  Their achievements to date have been a testament to supporting demanding customers with quality, a focus on cost and results driven by customer requirements. It is these achievements that first led Asetek to partner with AVC.   

“After spending a lot of time planning our production with AVC it is my pleasure to welcome them on board as a partner,” says Bill Nisbet, VP Supply Chain of Asetek. “I feel the partnership will benefit both companies, allowing us to grow together and lead the way for liquid cooling technology into the OEM market. AVC understands our technology and appreciates the benefits of our design, while enabling us to scale according to future demands,” continues Bill Nisbet, VP Supply Chain of Asetek

“This is a great partnership and collaboration between Asetek and AVC.  Asetek has the strength in Marketing Research and Engineering Design.  AVC has the strength in transferring Engineering Design into Mass Production Manufacturing.  With the partnership and collaboration of two companies, we will achieve a production of liquid cooling products with high quality and reliability.” Says Kirk Chi, VP of Quality and Six Sigma of AVC.