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Realtime launches new Vapochill CPU cooler

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Innovative new technology meets demands for quieter cooling solutions

Realtime Distribution, - exclusive distributors for Asetek Inc. has just launched a compact and highly effective new CPU cooler technology. This innovative and patented cooler technology, to be marketed under the VapoChill MicroTM brand name, is based on the vapour phase principles of Asetek’s highly successful compressor run cooler systems but offers a lower cost dedicated CPU cooling solution with high efficiency and low noise.

VapoChill Micro CPU coolers are characterized by hermetically sealed gas/liquid chambers exploiting the most effective cooling principle available - phase change cooling. With a completely different structure from the heat pipe coolers currently available in the market, the evaporator of the VapoChill Micro is placed directly on top of the CPU. The result is an innovative CPU cooler family offering the market’s best price/performance ratio as well as very low noise operation.

How it works

The new revolutionary VapoChill Micro™ seies of CPU coolers are based on the successful VapoChill® vapour phase technology launched by Asetek back in 1997. When the VapoChill Micro is mounted in the correct orientation, heat extracted from the CPU causes the fluid (R134a) in a closed, sealed system to evaporate and rise to the top of the pipes. This gaseous form is then cooled by an efficient fan-assisted radiator making it turn into its fluid form again and flow back to the bottom of the CPU cooler. Thus recirculation of the coolant is based on gravity alone. No mechanical parts are involved - resulting in unlimited reliability. This recirculation process goes on continuously and keeps the CPU temperature cool at all times – even with low fan speeds operating at low noise levels.

The first generation retail series of the VapoChill Micro supports ATX midi and tower cases. BTX is also expected to be supported soon. Three families known as ‘High End’, ‘Extreme Performance’ and ‘Ultra Low Noise’ are available with different fan specifications to support demanding use such as in gaming or to deliver very low noise operation on several CPU platforms including Intel P4 S478 and LGA775 and the AMD Athlon64 (S754/S940/S939).


VapoChill MicroTM is distributed exclusively by Realtime in the UK and will be available from major retailers including:

Micro Direct :
Overclock (Perfex) :
Scan :
Ebuyer :
Dabs :
GHS Technology :
The Cooling Shop :
Chillblast :