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QOTW: When was the last time you upgraded your PC?

by Parm Mann on 2 November 2018, 16:31

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Is it just me, or do PC upgrades tend to happen less often these days? Perhaps I'm getting old, and no longer feel the need to be using the latest and greatest gear, but whatever the case, I find myself upgrading less frequently than I used to.

One of the main reasons is that various PC components have aged so well. My primary desktop is still using a 6th Gen Intel Skylake CPU, with DDR4 memory and a 2.5in Crucial SSD. Hardly cutting edge, yet for my everyday workloads the PC continues to feel fast and responsive and I'm at the stage where I'm actually reluctant to start afresh on a new rig when the current one works perfectly well.

How about you? Are you still rocking reliable components that have stood the test of time, are you more inclined to refresh your build on a regular basis? To find out, this week's question asks: when was the last time you upgraded your PC? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Got to say, I didn't expect the i7 2600k to hold up quite so well, it was a good purchase choice. I'm starting to get to the stage where I really want to upgrade my monitor though, which means needing a bit more to push the frame rates in games, plus everything else that goes with it. So glad I went with 4 SSDs in Raid 0 though, definitely helped the longevity of this build.
Last complete rebuild was also around 2011, also an i7 2600k. At the time I think it had a HD6950 in it.. can't really remember. Since then its had a couple of video cards, currently a Vega 56, and also swapped the boot drive for a SATA SSD.

Next “upgrade” will be a 1440p Freesync monitor, though I might be tempted to do another rebuild once I see what Zen2 brings to the table.
Three weeks ago.

last week. Upgraded my 5yr old GTX 780 with a second hand GTX 1080Ti from Ebay.
Last year - I had a Haswell i5 and DDR3 ram. The PSU semi fried the motherboard so I had to do a almost complete rebuild, everything apart from the GPU and Drives.

Next will hopefully just be a new Graphics card - but not a nVidia one at the prices they are at the moment.