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QOTW: Which motherboard are you using?

by Parm Mann on 31 May 2019, 16:31

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You've made your choices when it comes to CPU and graphics card, now it's time to give them a home. Picking out a motherboard is arguably a more important decision, as said board needs to support not only your current hardware but also a potential upgrade somewhere down the line.

Expandability, onboard features, fan control, aesthetics and BIOS competence are just some of the things that can impact the decision making process, and price can have an important part to play, with today's enthusiast boards fetching hundreds of pounds at retail.

It is always fascinating to hear which vendors are preferred, or even trusted, so for this week's question let us ask: which motherboard are you using? Share your choice using the comments facility below, and be sure to tell us why you picked that particular board, and whether or not you're happy with your decision.

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MSI B450-A Pro. Same features as the gaming variant, just Ā£20 cheaper
Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 (rev 2.0) … Can not be more happy…
Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3

its my sisters old one. my Biostar AM2+ thingy one had a problem detecting the RAM so had to swap. sister had recently upgraded to a ryzen system so at least it saved me some money.

Im happy she didn't dump it and it was in her drawer of old puter bits.
the sata ports are in a better place too, and not obscured by the GPU so I can plug all six sata in. so that's a bonus.
cant remember how much it was, sister got it 9 years ago.
Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K5-CF

Happy with it.
Biostar TA970 (the 5.0 version I believe, not the newer ones) - as originally recommended to me by Bagnaj97 on this thread, and I decided that the cheapest (if I recall correctly) option sounded perfectly good for my usage.

In hindsight, I do wish I'd chosen a more expensive motherboard just in case I wanted to overclock. Another part of the reason being that it refused to apply XMP profiles, thus meaning any timings had to be set manually (and sitll differed slightly from the timings the XMP profile said the RAM was supposed to support), which I would assume overclocking flexibility may have allowed to work as expected.

In more recent times, it also doesn't seem to be a fan of an eSATA card I bought. I can't help but wonder if parts are slowly failing or it just doesn't like certain things (and whether those certain things the motherboard may have liked if I had bought a more expensive one).

As I've said in other QOTWs recently however, it's only a matter of time until I move to Zen 2, so it's bearable to stick with it as overall I've been happy enough with it to wait for something to catch my eye.