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QOTW: netbook, notebook, ultrabook or tablet?

by Parm Mann on 25 November 2011, 15:30

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Been an interesting couple of years for portable computing, hasn't it?

Many of us felt that netbooks were too timid in their approach in late 2007, but the cheap-and-somewhat-cheerful systems have gone on to sell millions the world over. Affordable pricing has helped maintain netbook popularity, but the low-cost system is now up against thriving tablet computers.

Led by the iPad - which was once ridiculed as just a large iPod - tablets have soared to popularity and are certain to be hot property this Christmas. But they too won't be alone, as Ultrabooks that promise to bridge the gap between tablet portability and notebook productivity have arrived to stake their claim for mobile computing supremacy.

And, let's not forget, there's still the traditional notebook to consider.

The choices are greater than ever, and tablets, netbooks, notebooks and ultrabooks each have their strong points, but which stands out to you? And as a consumer, which are you most likely to consider in 2012?

Tried a tablet but unable to make do with a cut-down operating system? Still love your netbook? High hopes for the Ultrabook? Or are you unwilling to accept anything less than a fully-fledged notebook? Share your thoughts, vent your frustrations and join the discussion in the HEXUS forum.

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I was given a netbook. The keyboard was too small. I have a 13“ notebook. It's brilliant. If it had been sold today it'd probably get away with being called an ultrabook, but it's just over a year old, so I guess it isn't.

It's comparable to a 13” macbook, but half the weight.
love my 14“ dell latitude e6400, however i really do like the look of that asus ultrabook :P. If i had a solid job while in uni i probably would buy one as its faster than my dell!

Do like the idea of the netbooks however i think 13” is the minimum to have a decent keyboard and a decent enough spec. Id like to see a notebook / laptop come out with a mechanical keyboard though as i have started to dislike laptop keys alot since buying my filco keyboard :P.
Still think the value is in the standard laptops. Not cool but so much more capable. The problem with a tablet is its all right in the front room while watching TV when you want a bit of facebook or the like but you still can't beat a keyboard for anything serious so you end up with both anyway. I think the Asus Transformer prime with sliding keyboard might fill the gap in the future though…
If anything I'll be getting a smartphone in 2012. No way a laptop could replace my desktop and I really don't need netbook/ultrabook/laptop functionality when I'm not at home. I don't spend enough time travelling to warrant a laptop.
im hoping one day my idea becomes a reality, laptop with 3 screens able to be folded out (like a multiscreen desktop setup) i find im always wanting just the extra bit of room on my laptop… my desktop only has one monitor but its fine to have 2 pieces of work on either side and would be great on a laptop.

However until you get like OLED being the norm i doubt this will happen as its too bulky (we all seem to be forcing the small is best but for smartphones larger is better… would never have a tablet as it makes me cringe thinking about typing on that pile of crap for a report or something!)