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QOTW: have you bought into the subnotebook craze?

by Parm Mann on 2 July 2008, 17:21

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Subnotebooks have found themselves firmly in the spotlight throughout 2008, and the trend is showing no signs of stopping.

With the subnotebook market expected to grow dramatically in coming years, manufacturers have been racing to take advantage. In terms of subnotebook devices, the likes of ASUS, MSI, Dell, Acer and others have been working overtime to launch their products and lure customers away from the competition.

The same could be said of subnotebook innards. The world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, launched its low-power Atom processor aimed specifically at the subnotebook form factor. Similarly, the likes of NVIDIA and AMD have followed suit with lower-power chips aimed at portable devices.

The subnotebook impact hasn't stopped with hardware, the rapid growth of the low-cost ultra-portable form factor has already forced Microsoft to extend the life of its ageing Windows XP operating system.

Subnotebooks, it seems, are all the craze. Yet, despite all the media attention and sales-talk from various manufacturers, we're asking you, our readers, are you feeling the subnotebook craze?

The appeal of low-cost subnotebooks is undeniable, but as competition has grown, it could be argued that manufacturers have raised specifications - along with prices. There's certainly no shortage of pros and cons, but we want to hear your thoughts.

So, dear readers, over the past months you've read all about the products, and you've probably made your decision on whether or not to buy. What we want to know is, how do you feel about the line-up of subnotebooks? And, most importantly, have you bought into the subnotebook craze?

Let us know in our community poll and share your thoughts in our forums.

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I've never really felt the need to own a notebook before, but since the Eee PC came along I've started to get very tempted by these low cost machines.
Not at the moment, maybe a lil later when they develop more.
I bought into the craze and then sold out. The original eeePC was hovering around the impulse price for me and I gave in! The prices and spec have improved but the newer models are now too much for the use I would get from it. The Acer is the only one that could tempt me, simply due to price/spec.
There are many to choose from yet none of them is quite right - at the moment there are too many compromises. The original eeePC has too small a screen and most of the new variants and competitors are too expensive - they're into the realm of cheap laptops and thus under-powered for the money.

If I bought a sub-notebook I'd want something cheap, small and useful. At the moment you can pick any two of those.
I am toying with the Idea want one for the GF as she always want to browse the net when Im gaming and she cant use the PS3. I would also find them useful but which one I dont know I was intersted in the MSI Wind.