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QOTW: Which graphics card partner do you trust the most?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 12 April 2013, 15:22

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After striking a chord and receiving well over 100 replies last week, this week's question follows a similar pattern.

We cover our fair share of graphics cards here at HEXUS, including all the big launches, and appreciate there isn't much in the computing world that polarises opinion more than asking whether you're a fan of NVIDIA or AMD GPUs.

Making matters even more interesting, both companies also have specific partners that sell only GeForce or Radeon cards.

So let's hear it from you, the readers. Based on your own experiences, which graphics partner - ASUS, Sapphire, EVGA, et al - do you trust the most? As always, let us know using the comments below.

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I've only had Sapphire, HIS and XFX. None have caused me any problems. I probably liked the HIS one best, cos it was the Ice3 Turbo whatsit, and it gave me the most noticeable upgrade in terms of ability. And it meant I could play Far Cry with all the bells and whistles turned on…
EVGA and MSI are great, as I've never had any issues with them
I don't trust any of ‘em. Or anybody for that matter.

But I have an XFX & an EVGA. Don’t mean I trust ‘em tho. ’Cos I don't.

Also had a Sapphire & HIS. And some others. Didn't trust any of ‘em. Don’t mean I didn't like ‘em, just didn’t trust ‘em. You can’t. Trust them, that is.
Sapphire, Gainward, MSI,Point Of View, these are all i had till now.PoV died on me the rest of ém are ok.
What is next…. what memory manufacturer do you trust……