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New HEXUS is live

by Scott Bicheno on 5 October 2011, 18:10


Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qa7jl

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One site to rule them all

The HEXUS team is proud to announce the new site is now out of beta and officially launched. This is the culmination of a lot of work from the whole team, and a lot of invaluable feedback from our community. We couldn't have done it - nor would we be here - without you.

There's a recap of what has changed below, but to summarize: all our gaming, mobile, consumer electronics, business and TV content is now hosted by the core HEXUS site. We still have the diversity of interests and unique takes on what's happening in the technology world, but it's now even more coherently presented and easier to find on the new HEXUS.

But just because we're out of beta, that doesn't mean we we'll stop striving to improve and your observations and suggestions are an intrinsic part of that process. So don't be shy, tell us what you think, we can take it.


What's changed:

  • A fresh new look with more room for the latest HEXUS reviews
  • Prominent labeling of key stories - including event coverage and competitions
  • Content from across all the HEXUS websites now viewable on a single, streamlined page
  • Tighter links with social networks, making it easier for you to share the stories you like with whoever you like
  • Seamless integration of video content
  • A new mobile site for quick on-the-go access to the latest HEXUS content
  • HEXUS Alerts - a new way to keep up with the latest developments in your topic of choice
  • A completely revamped search engine that'll help you find exactly what you're looking for

What's staying the same:

  • All of our content is still here, with the latest news presented in a clear and concise manner
  • We'll continue to bring you the best hardware reviews on the web
  • Each story will remain tied to the HEXUS forums for comments and discussion
  • Simplicity; the HEXUS site will remain easy to use and we've made sure you can get straight to the content you want to read


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We couldn't have done it - nor would we be here - with you.

Um :p

:) Yep :)
Um :p


My point exactly - typo corrected. :embarrassed:
That pop-up gave me a shock!!

Good thing I am not an old git…..yet! ;)
TV will be moved over in a little while. Everything else is done and things seem to be going OK.