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QOTW: Where do you get your news?

by Parm Mann on 9 July 2021, 16:31

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For better or for worse, technology has transformed the way in which we catch up on the news. For many of us a lot of what's happening around the world is now at our fingertips, and with more sources than ever before, there are myriad ways to get up to date.

My parents seem to be glued to 24-hour news channels, my father-in-law still gets a daily paper delivery, and as is to be expected in this day and age, a lot of younger family members tend to get their news from social media. It is interesting to observe the differing methods, and also the sheer amount of news being consumed.

We're curious to know how the tech-minded HEXUS readership goes about it, so for this week's question we're asking: where do you get your news? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Grumpy psychic Elk.
Mostly from the BBC, tv and online.
BBC news..and Google Now (its probably got a new name, but you know what I mean).
BBC news but the bias from there recently is sickening.
Where ever Google show me