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QOTW: Which streaming services do you subscribe to?

by Parm Mann on 24 April 2020, 16:31

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Can you imagine a lockdown without some of the technological luxuries we enjoy in modern life? The ability to communicate with loved ones has never been easier, and when looking for ways to fill the downtime, there are a growing number of entertainment services that are all but a click away.

A battle has been brewing for some time, with the biggest names in the business - Amazon, Disney, Netflix, Spotify, to name but a few - vying for our attention, and the global pandemic has accelerated the race. In the first three months of the year, Netflix alone has added close to a further 16 million subscribers, taking its global total to 183 million, while Disney Plus has amassed over 50 million subscribers just five months after launch.

With more choice than ever before, will customers inevitably find themselves tied to multiple subscriptions? To find out, we're asking: which streaming services do you subscribe to? Share your picks using the comments facility below.

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Netflix & Prime.
Currently Amazon Prime and Disney+.
Prime is not worth it for the streaming alone or is it worth the full retail price. I got it at a £20 discount. Unlikely to renew.
Disney is okay, got it at the pre launch discount rate. Unlikely to renew after a year unless it comes up with a lot more new stuff. Only watched the Mandolorian and some of the Marvel stuff on it.
Have subscribed to Now TV and Netflix and probably will again at some point as once you have watched what you want you can cancel as its rolling month.
Just netflix. Don't want to give my money to Amazon and they charge extra for a lot of stuff. Netflix has some excellent content.
Current Subscriptions: Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+

Disney mainly for The Mandalorian, but also checking out some some of the movies and spin-offs. I have this on the monthly rolling subscription, as I suspect there's only so much Disney stuff I can handle!

Previously: NowTV