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QOTW: Has the coronavirus affected your daily life?

by Parm Mann on 6 March 2020, 16:31

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We rarely stray from tech topics for the HEXUS question of the week, but every once in a while there's a worldwide event that requires our readers' attention. Right now, the coronavirus outbreak is sending shockwaves around the globe, as governments, businesses and individuals react to a virus that threatens to change our way of life.

Perhaps you're more inclined to work from home, maybe your travel plans have changed, or do you have other concerns? Either way, COVID-19 is at the forefront of many of our minds, so for this week's question we're asking: has the coronavirus affected your daily life? Share your thoughts using the comments facility below.

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We live near a Waitrose (but shop at Aldi ourselves). The flipping traffic jams for the car park at Waitrose have been as bad as Christmas eve these past few days.

Biggest other way it's affected me is our lad has been saving towards a Nintendo Switch and his birthday is coming up in April. Will some talk of hardware shortages caused by manufacturing shut down, I purchased one early on a deal from Amazon France (£248 for the revised full fat model, so a good price anyway), rather than run the risk of it being hard to get hold of.

Other than that, nothing to report so far…
Nothing so far.
Apart from our local Tesco's shelves being half empty, nothing so far….the thing is that it's not even panic buying that's causing the issue at the store, it's just them being too lazy to fill up shelves and/or using the staff that should be filling shelves to do the online shopping orders because it's been like this since well before the ‘panic’ set in.

You can literally go across the road to 2 other stores (Sainsbury and Iceland) selling food and they don't have the same issues.
Yeah, I went to Heineken. It is my go-to “drink” when watching Champions League anyways.
Got a trip coming up to go to Geneva and skiing in France, already had one return flight cancelled (though no reason was given) and CERN are no longer doing tours for the foreseeable future :(