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QOTW: Which search engine(s) do you use?

by Parm Mann on 14 February 2020, 16:31

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Conventional wisdom dictaes that if you want to find something on the Internet, you ought to simply Google it.

There is no doubt that Google is both the best-known and most widely-used search engine, yet there are plenty of other options, many of which perform differently and offer a unique set of features. Some place a bigger emphasis on privacy, others dominate in certain regions, and there are those that excel at searching specific categories.

We're curious to know which services are worth a closer look, so for this week's question we're asking: which search engine(s) do you use? Let us know your picks, and your reasons why, using the comments facility below.

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Bing recently, when I discovered just how many sites Google was clearly deliberately blocking and not showing. Google for tech though.
Primarily DuckDuckGo, so that my searches stay as private as possible, and don't get used to tailor my future search results based on past searches or activity.

Any other search engine usage is usually to see if there are any results that DDG missed if I can't seem to find the answer to what I'm looking for in its own search results.
duckduck go
I've been using Bing for years now and much prefer it to google, especially the Bing image search.