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QOTW: What did you get for Christmas?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 27 December 2019, 16:31


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We hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas full of family, friends and festive spirit. Before we begin taking down the lights and decorations, let's talk presents.

Did you get exactly what you expected, or were there any major surprises? Starting you off, I received a nice jumper, bottle of whiskey (Kraken rum, yum) and a board game. No guesses for knowing which I loved most.

We want to know what you loved (or perhaps hated) beneath the tree this year, so fire away using the comments facility below.

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Vodka and socks… its good but no, its not a ryzen series 3 gaming system
The Legends of the Alfar books 1 to 4, Markus Heitz
Spike milligan calendar

36 boxes of Ritz tomato & herb flavour.
48 Monster Hydro , various flavours. was £1 for 12
couple tubs of chocolate.
I got a fancy, all singing, all dancing beard trimmer, some new gym clothes and a Dremel 3000.
Wanted a Dremel for donkeys, finally got one!
I did well this year.
34" Ultrawide Samsung monitor.
A new chair.
500 gig Western Digital SSD.
A pair of Reebok Classics.
A north Face beanie hat.
I think Santa lost my postal address so nothing as such although my main client gifted me with a £250 Xmas bonus as a thank you for the hard work I've done for him these last months. So , sod Santa and have treated myself to a cordless circular saw and SDS drill to add to my Ryobi 18v kit.
Now if Microsoft screws my PC up I can drill holes in it and cut it to pieces. lol.