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QOTW: What was the best tech product of 2019?

by Parm Mann on 20 December 2019, 16:31

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As we approach 2020, it's always fun to look back at the past 12 months and discuss what's worked, and what hasn't, in the fast-moving world of tech. We enjoyed your suggestions for best game of the year, now let's change tact and ask: what was the best tech product of 2019?

It doesn't necessarily have to be a PC component, but said product has to have been released in the current calendar year, and to make things doubly interesting, feel free to add your nominations for the worst tech product, too.

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Ring Doorbell's. They work great and are easy to install/setup.
Fire is quite handy. And the Wheel. Actually the Wheel.
I already have a doorbell, so no need to pay money for another one.
I am inclined to say the new GFX cards from AMD, first they put the hurt on intel on the CPU side, now Nvidia are feeling it too.

And both are pretty nice for us consumers.

So i have build a complete new AMD machine, and i upped from 4 old intel cores to 12 AMD cores, and from a 570 GTX to a 5700 XT, and from 32 GB RAM to 64GB + a nvme drive.
Ring Doorbell's. They work great and are easy to install/setup.

Ring??? I totally get it, I just can't justify paying to be big brother's eyes.

I'm loving how much NVME M.2 SSDs have come down in price. I grabbed a 1TB one. I'm also finally going to move from a 1080p 60Hz panel to a 1440p 144Hz panel.

AMD changed the game, but I'm gonna wait for the next gen Ryzen 4000 series.
Well, Haptic eSkin would have won if it were available now.

Them nanowire backscatter power harvesters sound like something Geordi LaForge would calibrate, so they're pretty high on the list.
Couple of the TRX40 motherboards look awesome, although the Aorus RGM RAM (now with MOAR LEDs) is a serious contender for obvious reasons…

64-core Epyc?
Valve Index?
Anduril drone killer?

Nah, I'd probably go with foldable screen devices. Once they get the creases ironed out (literally), I can see that becoming default tech very quickly!