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QOTW: Which tech companies excel at customer service?

by Parm Mann on 22 November 2019, 16:31

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Having good products is one thing, but the key to retaining repeat customers is excellent customer service. Some firms do it better than others, and for this week's question we're keen to hear your experiences with tech companies.

It is an area of the market that reviews aren't truly able to cover, and customer service can vary greatly from one region to another. To get a better feel of who gets it right, we're asking: which tech companies excel at customer service?

Let us know your top picks, including any real-world examples you'd like to share, and of course, don't hesitate to include those companies that leave something to be desired.

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In the UK a lot of after-sales is with the retailer. And as much as I hate to say it, the only consistently good customer service I've experienced when buying tech is Amazon. Scan and Ebuyer being the worst (see my recent thread).

Further down the line, I was pleased to find the returns policy on EVGA graphics cards - return to the manufacturer directly and don't mess about with the retail channel - I never had to test it though, but it was a good sign that they take it seriously.

Corsair have been pretty good too. They've sent me replacement parts FOC for my case which failed unreasonably early. They also fully refunded me on 16GB of DDR4 RAM many many years after I bought it once I had finally managed to prove conclusively it was the RAM causing an intermittent stability issue - unfortunately it took until I could afford another set of RAM to prove it as they weren't willing to go on my word, but to their credit they gave me a refund of the purchase price and not the current sale price, which allowed me to double my RAM capacity.

Gigabyte are a bit iffy, whilst they've issued me a custom BIOS as recently as last year on a X99 board, and even tested my quirky configuration; their first-line team is pretty dire and you can easily get lost in a circle of silly basic questions.

Dell pretty dire, still awaiting a response about dead pixels on my new laptop. I must chase them.

Specialist independent manufacturers tend to be good if dealing direct. They want to produce a product that works, and are less focused on pure volume sales. Although that sort of thing doesn't exist in the traditional computer market.
It's some years ago now but I've had excellent after sales service from Kustom PCs. I generally buy from them if their prices are reasonably competetive - sometimes they are too expensive though.
I know it seems a bit bias considering where I am posting, but a shout out to SCAN, they have been nothing but helpful and efficient with any problem or question I have had, they once replaced a faulty fan controller without question and they even sorted out a Battlefield V code for me back when I bought my 2080, I think that I was out by a couple of days for the offer but they still obliged!
Amazon & EVGA
Amazon and Crucial are very good.

OverclockersUK easily the worst for me.