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QOTW: What steps do you take to reduce your carbon footprint?

by Parm Mann on 18 October 2019, 16:31

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Climate change is a frightening subject. So much so, that it is all too easy to succumb to a state of apathy; how can an individual make a difference in the face of today's global economy?

There are many ways to open the discussion, and though we tend to avoid questions that could be deemed political, we're always eager to hear the thoughts of our knowledgeable and tech-savvy readers. So this week, let us ask: what steps do you take to reduce your carbon footprint, if any?

Perhaps you simply turn off devices that aren't in use, you might be bolder by changing the way you travel, there are dietary questions to be raised, and who knows, changes may have been forced upon you in the workplace. Either way, we feel it is an important discussion to be had.

Share your thoughts on the subject using the comments facility below, and if you're wondering how your current footprint compares against the 2020 target as set by the UK government, there's a nifty calculator available at

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not having children.
Eating less animal produce in general is a good place to start.

Just make sure any substitute products you buy are also environmentally sound. For example; soy-based produce should come from responsibly farmed soybeans (i.e. not from farmland that used to be part of a rainforest!).
not having children.

+1 this
Solar panels, high amount of insulation to reduce use of electric from power stations (which uses renewable only) and heating, minimise the use of heating by not being in just a t-shirt in winter etc. Buying things which are ‘eco’ friendly in terms of their usage of whatever they use.

Only travel where I need to by car (not that easy living in the countryside), recycle stuff which can be recycled (annoying not everything is here) and try to buy stuff that is recycled or part recycled etc.

Buy food locally, cook own meals rather than pre-made…

Probably more if I think of it but that's off the top of my head.
Live somewhere that the whole family can get to work/school without a car.