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QOTW: Do you use contactless payments?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 23 August 2019, 16:31

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I remember getting my first contactless debit card and being impressed at just how easy it had become to spend smaller amounts of money for everyday items. A genius move by the card issuers.

Introduced in 2007, figures from 2017 show there are more than 100m contactless cards in issue in the UK - and that doesn't take into account the rise as Apple Pay and Android Pay, where it is reckoned that one in six adults are registered for smartphone-powered contactless technologies.

Other research shows that 69 per cent of the adults in the UK now use contactless payments, and no age group or region falls below 58 per cent usage, and the trend is only going one way.

Point is, using contactless payment is fast becoming the absolute norm across all strata of UK society, so it would be interesting to hear from you, our readers, whether you also fall into the contactless camp. Personally, I do all my day-to-day spending using Apple Pay. In fact, the last time I used cash was at the barber.

So for this week's question we're asking: do you use contactless payments? If so, and should you want to answer, what is your go-to solution - debit, credit, or smartphone? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Barely ever use anything other than contactless payments these days.

However, can I just get something off my chest? See these retailers that claim to use ApplePay and then you go to use your iPhone for say, a payment of £70, and the cashier looks at you like you're the thickest person they've ever laid eyes on because everyone knows there's a £30 limit? THAT grinds my gears. ApplePay is NOT contactless. Do not advertise as accepting ApplePay if you aren't. (Also applies to Google Pay)
I use it daily via my phone.

I'm aware of the potential security issues with the (contactless) cards, but at least with a phone, NFC comms only work when it's unlocked / or enabled.
I do not use this stuff, i dont even use a credit card.
I do have a credit card, and i do use it for shopping, online, i can not use it in stores as i dont want to and have forgotten the pin for this kind of use.
Almost exclusively use contactless nowadays. I only get cash out when I go to watch live bands to buy their CDs and teeshirts.
I think the £30 limit is a good idea until they have a further level of security. As the fingerprint card seems some time off yet, why not include a photograph of the card owner?
No, I don't.

Insisted on a non-contactless (debit) card and very rarely use credit card at all. Cash is my preferred method. Use Dr card for fuel as my preferred fuel station is non-cash, and won't take credit cards. Virtually everything else is cash.