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QOTW: What's the worst PC component you've ever bought?

by Parm Mann on 30 November 2018, 16:31

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Putting together a PC can be a minefield. There are thousands of different combinations to choose from, and no matter how much research you do, picking the right components always feels like a game of chance. Heck, even if you've done your due diligence, it only takes one disappointing part to take the shine off an entire build.

For this week's question, we're bringing those bad memories to the fore by asking: what's the worst PC component you've ever bought? There might have been a few, so think hard before sharing your horror stories in the comments below.

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An ATI/AMD Radeon X800GTO, simply because it expired within just a few days.
An 8600GT. Got it in build from Computer Planet when I was a teenager. Felt so ripped off after saving for about 10 months. It overheated so much that it caused huge stutters and freezes in games (it was passively cooled). Eventually strapped a fan onto it and it was OK, but that card had no reason to exist inside a gaming PC and I'll never trust a company to build my PC again.
AMD FX 8350. Used so much power it put my electricity bill up and heated my room up significantly.
Logitech NuLOOQ - not because it was bad but because it was actually good (MS have brought out something similar for the surface ironically) but Logitech stopped supporting it…Actually ‘discontinuing support’ is the main reason for most of ‘my worst pc components’ in all honesty, I normally do a little research first before buying so usually pretty good on what I buy.

Other than that it's probably AIO coolers in general, currently been after a replacement and the amount of faulty ones I've had is really high, they're not even from ‘no name’ brands either. While I can't fault the company I'm buying from the QC on AIO's seems to have gone down the pan since the last one I bought.
Rock gaming laptop. Put me off gaming laptops forever. Ran hot, weighed a ton, packed up a couple of times and the hinges broke twice. Power suply socket broke. Heat killed the graphics card eventually. Seriously, who needs a gaming laptop.