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QOTW: Which is the best tech advert of all time?

by Parm Mann on 23 March 2018, 16:31

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Memorable ads can live long in the memory, and the tech industry has served up its fair share throughout the years. I can still remember Intel's Pentium MMX from 1997, and when it comes to dancing, who can forget the Apple iPod silhouette?

The old ones often seem the best, but there have been some excellent ads in recent years, too, including the jaw-dropping Microsoft Surface Studio, embedded above. Marketing, it seems, can be just as important as the actual quality of a product, so let's open up the topic by asking: which is the best tech advert of all time? Share your nominations using the comments facility below.

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Best advert? Scraping the barrel looking for ideas this week…

How could you miss that one??!! :p

How could you miss that one??!! :p

ARRRGH! Beat me to it :)
Wasn't that Apple advert only ever aired at a Superbowl match and little to no airtime afterwards.

For me though it has to be the Scotch Video Tape advert from the 80's
But that's not an advert, that was a premonition of what's happening…

Personally I see the best advert as one that stays in your head and ‘enhances’ the sales pitch element so that to me has to be the intel ‘bell’ jingle.