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QOTW: What was your favourite tech purchase of 2017?

by Parm Mann on 22 December 2017, 16:31

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Another year is quickly drawing to a close and before we turn our attention to 2018, we reckon now's a good time to look back at the tech highlights of the past 12 months.

There has been no shortage of new products to get excited about, and though we've tried our best, we've not quite been able to review everything. So let us canvas the wider opinion of our readers by asking: what was your favourite tech purchase of 2017?

We're talking about that one item that stands out above all else. Maybe you love it because it's something you've always wanted, perhaps it was the bargain of the century, or how about an innovative gadget that truly blew your mind? Whatever it is, let us know using the comments facility below.

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A tracking device for the Moose.

In a more conventional sense,its probably the pair of PMC DB1 loudspeakers I found for under £50.
Xiaomi Mi A1.

Having bought a Xiaomi Note 4 for ~£120 (for someone else, but I had a play first) I was surprised at how good it was and I would have been content with that.

When it came to replace my dying Nexus 6P I decided I'd go with the Android One (stock) Xiaomi phone. It got good reviews initially and it's even better now as the camera app has been updated and the photos are far better than I was expecting, even in poor indoor light. The screen is a big step up from the Note 4 and surprisingly on par with the OLED Nexus 6P's screen.

The only let-downs for me is the downward-facing speaker and the relatively small battery (still 5-6 hours on screen time though). The only other negative is that it doesn't have NFC, so no Android Pay payments (though I don't use it much anyway).

Just waiting for the Oreo update to drop before I move across full-time.
Has to be the Oculus Rift.
nvidia shield tv
GTX 1080 mini.

Oh hang on, maybe my Iiyama monitor…