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QOTW: Do you use a digital pen?

by Parm Mann on 27 October 2017, 16:31

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Digital pens aren't exactly new, they've been available from the likes of Wacom for about as long as we can remember, but the latest crop have truly upped their game with regards to precision, sensitivity and minimal lag.

Such devices can help personalise the computing experience, and with the likes of the Microsoft Surface Pen and Apple Pencil vying for our attention, these traditionally niche accessories are now entering the mainstream.

As expected, the marketing materials tend to suggest that digital pens are "impossible to put down," while offering "completely new ways to bring your ideas to life," but are consumers buying into the trend? We're intrigued to know, so for this week's question we're asking: do you use a digital pen?

Let us know your reasons for or against, and if you do happen to be a digital pen owner, share your experience by letting the world know which model you use and whether or not you consider it a worthwhile purchase.

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What the actual……..???!!!!!

OK, I'm taking bets on how long before Apple tries to copyright the word Pencilâ„¢…!!
I tried a few different ones with my tablet, but didn't like them at all.

It was like trying to write with a tree trunk
I did try a graphics tablet and pen some time ago but, I was like a drunk, seven-legged spider. No digital pen for me any time soon…
I did a long time ago, there was a Sony phone I tried that had one before android was around, very odd phone, all the modern features of a smartphone but an old OS, it was neither dumb nor smart, I cant remember the model name sorry. After that I tried one on the original Samsung note.

I can see how they would be useful for drawing and annotating on documents, but for the average pc gamer or mobile facebook browsing user they are “pointless” :)
How does it cope with people resting their writing hand on the screen as well?