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QOTW: Are you planning on upgrading to Intel Skylake?

by Parm Mann on 24 July 2015, 16:36

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Manufacturers linked to the PC industry must be rubbing their hands in anticipation at the double-whammy that's coming our way. Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system and Intel's sixth-generation Skylake processor technology are almost here, and after a bleak run of PC sales, there could be no better catalyst as we approach the back-to-school season.

Serving as a tock in Intel's "tick-tock" manufacturing cadence, Skylake is set to arrive as the 14nm successor to blink-and-you-might-have-missed-it Broadwell. Reports have suggested that the first Skylake processors will be unveiled at Gamescom next month, and ahead of a sure-fire flurry of news and reviews, we've already seen purported benchmark results as well as upcoming motherboards from the likes of ASRock, EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI.

A huge number of consumers will gradually adopt Intel Skylake technology as and when updated laptops and tablets are released, but our question of the week is geared toward those of you who build and maintain your own PCs. So let's hear it, based on what you've seen and heard thus far, do you envisage the Intel architecture as a key time to refresh your rig, and are you planning on upgrading to Skylake? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Nope! Sticking with X79 until multicore REALLY takes off…
Only just upgraded to i5 on a Z77… this was from AMD, though! :D
No, going to give it a miss. just upgraded my Z97 i7-4790K to X99 i7-5930K instead. will eventually upgrade my Z87 i7-4790K to X99 as well
I won't be upgrading. I haven't seen anything to suggest this isn't going to be anything more than an incremental upgrade over my 2500k. I'm not sure I really need any more power at this point anyway.
Nope. After much internal debate, lots of it, just a huge mass of debating, I've decided to go 4K instead. I was gonna get new mobo/CPU/RAM, and upgrade my GPU to a 670 and get a 1440p monitor. But for the same price I can get a 980Ti and a 40" 4K TV.

I have a 2500, yeah it isn't the best but it'd cost about Ā£350-400 to upgrade it, and there is no CPU in the world that'd give a bigger FPS boost than a GPU for the same money.

I'm gonna keep my 2500 until I am forced to change it