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QOTW: What's the best CPU you've ever bought?

by Parm Mann on 21 December 2012, 16:30


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We've thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your best-ever chassis and graphics cards, but this week's question is arguably even more interesting; we're asking what's the best CPU you've ever bought?

You'll need to dig through the memory banks to settle on a single stand-out chip, and we've only one stipulation: it's got to be a standalone CPU, so you can't count a processor that you've picked up as part of an integrated system or device. The Apple A6, for example, doesn't count.

So let's hear it in the comments below, what is the single-best CPU you've ever bought?

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2500k, simply an amazing chip from Intel, great overclocking and performance with on-board GFX to boot.
Q6600. Still using it.
q6600 lasted me a good few years still going strong in GF's pc as upgraded to a 2600k but omg what a cpu it was for the price !
It could be argued the “best” is the latest one as it's usually the fastest so based on that, i7 3930k. But… overall, it's gotta be the i7 2600K, biggest jump from my previous chip and an easy stable 40% OC with a couple button clicks, still running it 24/7 without a hitch today.
Intel Core i7-3770k. Great CPU, only bad thing is the way the IHS and the chip have a layer of thermal compound instead of being soldered together… :L