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Complete HX620W coverage from HEXUS

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  • HEXUS gets it wrong - a sincere apology

    23 January 2007, 16:59

    Bottom line - the efficiency isn't quite as impressive as we first believed but the OCZ GameXStream 700W is still a fine buy for a high-end system

  • Review: 600-700W PSU Shootout

    18 August 2006, 14:32

    What we'll call workstation-class PCs are those on the market today that demand a PSU with outlandish output power, rail options and cabling runs to suit. You'll know instantly if ...

  • Preview: Corsair launches two new high-specification PSUs

    1 August 2006, 19:41

    Corsair is going after the enthusiast in a big way. It's recognised that premium PSUs are becoming big business and has launched what appears, on paper at least, to be ...