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  • Review: Aorus 15

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> 15

    5 April 2019, 14:00

    A promising GeForce RTX laptop missing one key feature.

  • Review: Aorus X7 DT v8

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X7 DT v8

    3 August 2018, 13:00

    A formidable 17in gaming laptop.

  • Review: Aorus X9

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X9

    19 October 2017, 08:01

    Bigger and more powerful than the award-winning X7, but not necessarily better.

  • Review: Aorus X7 v7

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X7 v7

    28 September 2017, 09:00

    A one-stop desktop replacement for enthusiast gamers.

  • Review: Aorus X5 v6

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X5 v6

    26 September 2016, 14:01

    Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1070 gives this popular gaming laptop a new lease of life.

  • Review: Aorus X5S v5 Camo

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X5S v5 Camo

    19 April 2016, 16:30

    Premium 15.6in gaming laptop gets a limited edition MultiCam makeover.

  • Review: Aorus X5

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X5

    2 July 2015, 15:15

    Nvidia G-Sync and Intel Broadwell in a 15.6in mobile powerhouse.

  • Review: Aorus X3 Plus v3

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X3 Plus v3

    12 February 2015, 16:30

    13.9in gaming laptop now equipped with GeForce GTX 970M graphics.

  • Review: Aorus X7 Pro

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X7 Pro

    23 October 2014, 15:30

    Dual GeForce GTX 970M GPUs shoehorned into a 17.3in gaming laptop.

  • Review: Aorus X3 Plus

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X3 Plus

    20 August 2014, 16:30

    3.6GHz Intel Haswell and GeForce GTX 870M in a 13.9in QHD+ gaming laptop.

  • Review: Aorus X7 v2

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X7 v2

    4 August 2014, 16:30

    Ultra-slim SLI gaming laptop gets a performance uplift.

  • Review: Aorus X7

    <span class='highlighted'>Aorus</span> X7

    29 January 2014, 17:00

    Up close and personal with the world's thinnest SLI gaming laptop.