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EE, Qualcomm and Sony demo gigabit LTE in London

by Mark Tyson on 6 July 2017, 12:01

Tags: Everything Everywhere, Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM), Sony (NYSE:SNE), Three (HKG:0013)

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EE demos Gigabit LTE in London

EE and partners Qualcomm and Sony have demonstrated the first Gigabit 4G LTE network connection in London. At a Wembley Stadium event the techy trio showed that download speeds of up to 765Mbps and uploads at 110Mbps could be achieved, as reported by the Ookla Speed Test app.

At the tech event Qualcomm demonstrated a Sony Xperia XZ Premium, which packs the Snapdragon 835 chipset with built-in X16 modem and a 4x4 MIMO antenna array, transferring data at the aforementioned blazing-fast LTE connectivity speeds. Remember for these kinds of top speeds your device needs appropriate modem and antenna hardware within.

Alphr reports that EE now has its Gigabit capable network situated in three UK areas at this time; Wembley Stadium, Cardiff Millennium Stadium, and London Tech City. Rollout will follow the pace of the previous Cat6 coverage which is now on offer at approx 3,000 locations in the UK. Highly populated areas of cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester will be targeted first.

Three launches 'Go Binge' offer

Three controversially phased out its all-you-can-eat 'One Plan' phone contracts, angering hundreds of thousands of customers, in January last year. The change was said to be inevitable by certain industry watchers as data consumption on smartphones skyrocketed with Full HD and 4K TV and movie streaming growing in popularity.

Now Three has introduced some new SIM plans which it hopes to lure back heavy video and sound streamers. However its Go Binge launch throws 'net neutrality' out of the window to provide unmetered data access to just four streaming services at this time.

Despite featuring articles about YouTube mobile watchers on its blog, this popular service isn't included in the unmetered data offer. So far there are just four streaming sites where you can 'Go Binge' without stressing about mobile data; Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer, and SoundCloud. Three says it will be "always looking to add more services," and in the UK it could do well to include the likes of BBC iPlayer, All4, NowTV and Amazon Prime video in its offer. Please note that "there might be additional content such as adverts, that might also come out of your data allowance," according to the Go Binge details page.

How do you qualify or get the 'Go Binge' benefits? Three says that new or upgrading customers on the following plans will benefit from the feature:

  • All handset Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All SIMO Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All Pay monthly mobile broadband plans of 4GB and above.

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It saddens me that Three have done that, but they're not the first. It was either O2 or Vodafone that allowed Spotify and another sound streamer for free bandwidth use without affecting your metered plan.

Its sad that Net Neutrality is still not a major thing
Gigabit LTE in London…. well it would be nice if we could maybe get 4G or even 3G in ALL of the UK first… but then maybe it's just me…. Also does show that we really need to get our landline infrastructure sorted, we shouldn't have faster mobile connections than landline….

Also it's all very well having the speed on the mobile network but you also need capacity AND an allowance which makes it worthwhile…all for a fair price.

As to netflix and three… doesn't really affect me in the slightest because I can't get a three signal where I live…. so they can stick all the offers up they want but I can't use them.
Gigabit LTE in London…. well it would be nice if we could maybe get 4G or even 3G in ALL of the UK first…

Would be nice just to get a signal in some of the places I go in the UK, let alone 3G or 4G…..
Would be nice just to get a signal in some of the places I go in the UK, let alone 3G or 4G…..
yeah tell me about it…. Just been looking for a new contract/sim so currently doing the ‘payg’ check signal process.

I was actually surprised to find that O2, previously the worst signal here is actually now my strongest.. three is non existent, vodafone (previously my best option) is still a low signal and ee only works in half the house…. which when you consider that I might be in a village and the countryside I'm not exactly in a location that doesn't have a lot of people in it, it's one of the largest villages in Norfolk, but then Norfolk as a whole sucks for mobile signal because we're so flat there's always something in the way blocking the signal….
Haha this is so sad it's funny

Especially because EU would probably say this is anti competitive, but obviously who cares if uk is leaving.