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RIM BlackBerry 10 looks to be on-track with test units in May

by Alistair Lowe on 26 March 2012, 13:00


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It appears as though Research In Motion is finally back on track with the development of its upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system, with the firm planning to offer up prototype devices at the upcoming BlackBerry Jam conference in May, signalling that the previously scheduled release of the later half of this year is still very much a possibility for the new OS.

Leaked BB10 Device Image

Up to 2,000 test-model handsets will be handed out at the conference in Orlando, Florida in order to allow developers to begin creation of applications on a device capable of running the BlackBerry 10 OS. RIM's vice-president of customer relations, Alec Saunders, stated, however, that the experience of these devices will not be representative of the final release and, that RIM was holding this back in order to generate maximum interest at launch time.

"It's a huge step forward on our path to eventually launching BB10, it's tangible evidence of the company making progress to finally shipping the device." he stated. RIM sales and shares have fallen significantly this past year, against the likes of Apple's iPhone and the ever increasing number and variety of Android handsets; RIM is relying heavily on the new operating system to bolster and revitalise its smartphone and tablet sales.

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too little too late I feel, sorry RIM
still be used in the business world but I think RIM are doomed in the consumer space even with BBM. Mind you who knows they may be able to tread water till 10 is released but its going to have to be an amazing piece of software (and hardware)
If RIM are going to crash and burn (within 24 months maybe?), then they should license their BBM software for use on the other platforms. They could make a fair bit.
RIM are holding on, imho by the skin of their teeth, android and iOS have caught them up big style, if it wasnt for all the security features for the BB handsets that can be set on an admin level more people would of moved by now, that and they seem to have slipped between companies picking up the BB services and a refresh as most dont swap stuff year on year its usually 2 years+ so the might get away with it yet..