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Next gen Kindle sells out

by Sarah Griffiths on 3 August 2010, 11:10

Tags: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

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Device in demand

Amazon has sold out of its third generation Kindle ‘due to strong customer demand' despite the new device being on sale for just five days.

Both versions of the popular e-reader - the 3G and Wi-Fi models- have ‘temporarily sold out' according to Amazon. 

A message on the product's page read: "Due to strong customer demand, Kindle is temporarily sold out. Order now to reserve your place in the queue. Orders are prioritised on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders placed today are expected to dispatch on or before September 4."

Although Amazon will not reveal how many Kindles it has sold over the years, it recently said it had seen sales soar since it dropped the price of its second generation Kindle to $189 in a bid to better compete with Barnes and Noble's Nook plus Apple's iPad.

The third generation Kindle is available in a Wi-Fi only version for $139 and with extra 3G capabilities for $189. Both models boast clearer text and sharper images plus double the storage capacity of their predecessors.  They are also sleeker with a 21 percent smaller body and are 17 percent lighter.

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no news on possible uk versions or release dates?
no news on possible uk versions or release dates?

It already is out in the UK, the link included in this article is to Amazon UK - a quick check of the sites shows that it is both Amazon UK and Amazon US that have sold out.
Preordered this yesterday. Estimated shipping dates are around 5th September.
My missus is after one atm.

I have always preffered the feel of a real book in my hands but my missus reads a few books a week and commutes a lot so this would be awesome for her :D

Hopefully they`ll have them in stock for christmas hehe