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iPlayer comes to BlackBerry 6

by Sarah Griffiths on 8 November 2010, 10:27


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Telly addicts

The BBC has re-launched its iPlayer app for BlackBerry users to support the phones' latest operating system.

According to the Wireless Ground blog, the previous version of the popular TV catch-up service only worked on the Blackberry Storm 2 and Bold 9700, forcing many BlackBerry addicts to go cold telly turkey. The latest free incarnation of iPlayer now supports more handsets such as the new Torch 9800, and Style 9670 among others.

The Daily Telegraph reported that owners of BlackBerrys with monthly contracts with Vodafone and Three will be able to watch programmes on iPlayer via a 3G network, while customers on other networks will have to make do with a Wi-Fi connection.

While there have been unofficial ways to access iPlayer, there is still no news of an official offering for Android users.

The presence of BBC iPlayer on its new operating system will no doubt give BlackBerry a boost and a survey last week found a fifth of UK students would choose a BlackBerry over any other kind of smartphone, perhaps hinting the business favourite is far from dead.

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What the hell. Where is the Android version?
From my understanding its supposed to work with Flash on 2.2 but for those of us on 2.1 and lower i've found myplayer a good alternative.
What the hell. Where is the Android version?

As above, if you aren't on 2.2 then its a polite “stuff yourself” from iPlayer to answer your question…
Got Desire HD and running iplayer from bbc site is ok. Mplayer is ok too, but the download feature seems temprimental.

I was really hoping tv catchup will make an app that works well. Their web site doesn't work too well on my mobile. I hear the iphone app works well.