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New ‘high end’ iPhone 5S will be available in champagne gold

by Mark Tyson on 20 August 2013, 11:00

Tags: iPhone, PC

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The next Apple iPhone will be available in both high-end and low-end flavours when it is unveiled sometime in September. Also it will be very obvious, even from a distance, which model, the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C is being cradled in your sweaty palm. The high end model will be encased in ‘champagne gold’ while the cheaper one will be available in a variety of colourful plastic options.

It is thought that the gold iPhone 5S will be very popular in Asia

The Wall Street Journal spoke to people “people familiar with the matter” who said that assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. will be manufacturing both new iPhone models. Also people working at the component supply companies said they started mass-producing the parts for both a metal bodied and plastic bodied iPhone back in June.

Wobbly photo supposedly showing iPhone 5C cases from the production line

The handsets will begin shipping in early September. As stock starts to fill Apple Stores the handset is expected to be announced on the 10th September and be made available to the public a couple of weeks later. The WSJ thinks this plan is intended to help Apple “regain its momentum in the smartphone market.”

These are saisd to be volume rocker switches to match the plastic bodies of the iPhone 5C

Apple has been facing tougher competition from both Android and Windows Phone platforms and its pace of innovation has been criticised. These new iPhones don’t sound very innovative if the headline features are just new gold and plastic case options. However the new iPhone should have some more interesting things ‘under the hood’, rumoured specs include a new A7 chip, a fingerprint sensor security home button and a better camera/flash.

It is expected that arch-rival Samsung will pile on pressure with a new Galaxy Note smartphone and possibly a new smartwatch, also in September.

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I can see most Apple owners being classy enough to want this.
Can't wait for the amazing amount of new cases etc. to make it look like you have the high end model…
Ew. (is all I wanted to say but need more characters!)
By far not impressed by the fingerprint sensor ‘security’ button, from personal experience, done cut on your finger will lock you out for a week. and good help you, if like me, you end up with a hefty scar. Therefore I assume the fingerprint unlocking will be optional, or backed up by a security question, MAKING IT NO MORE SECURE THAN A PASSWORD…

Also a gold case just means that your already overly valuable, overpriced phone will be even more of an expense to loose or worse, have stolen. This just seems to be a collection of bad ideas
Fingerprint locks are foolish anyway, seeing as you leave your ‘password’ on every single thing you touch. It's one of those things people see on telly and think is a great idea.