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EC forces Apple to conform - Lightning-to-microUSB adapter

by Alistair Lowe on 13 September 2012, 10:45

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Unhappy with the lack of standardisation that plagued our fair continent for many years prior, the European Commision has been insisting, as of late, that all mobile devices feature a microUSB connector, in an attempt to establish a clear interface/charging format for mobiles.

Not known for its open ecosystem, it wasn't a surprise when Apple revealed that the new 'Lightning' interface on its iPhone 5 wouldn't be a standard connector. This of course meant the the firm would have to go some way to appeasing the EC and it has now become apparent that this is to be in the form of Lightning-to-microUSB convertor module.

Apple Lightning-to-microUSB converter

The little dongle can be purchased on Apple's online UK store for £15 and, though it doesn't exactly fulfil the full intent of the EC directive - there's an extra fee and you're still stuffed if you lose the dongle - it will allow for the use of standard microUSB chargers and sync cables.

On the hardware front, life is perhaps made a little easier for peripheral hackers, though it'll no-doubt still take a jailbroken device to use any third-party peripherals that didn't feel like paying Apple up to a 12 per cent sales commission.

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Umm… they've had (dock connector) micro usb adapters for a while

This isn't really news….
whats that got to do with lightning to microusb adapter?
It really is news as it's for the new connector and not the old and it really should be shipped in the box and not have to pay extra for it.
The universal charger directive is actually something the eu have done correctly.
The little dongle can be purchased on Apple's online UK store for £15

Welcome to Apple World, please leave your wallet at the front desk and kiss your overdraft goodbye :mrgreen:

Seriously, £15 for a bit of plastic and a couple of wires? Wut? That's basically giving knock-off companies a license to print money. Buy one, pull it apart, knock up your own version for a few pennies, sell them for a fiver. Profit!
But will anything happen? will they be fined for it? I somehow doubt they will be despite this being agreed years ago.