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Apple wins slide-to-unlock patent dispute against Motorola

by Parm Mann on 17 February 2012, 13:30

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Apple's bitter court-room battle with Motorola has continued today after a German court ruled that the latter's Android smartphones infringed on the iPhone producer's slide-to-unlock patent.

The patent in question - EP1964022 - refers to the process of "unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image," a process which became commonplace in various Apple devices following the launch of the iPhone in 2007.

Motorola spokesperson:

"Today's ruling in the patent litigation brought by Apple in Munich, Germany, concerns a software feature related to phone unlocking in select Motorola devices sold in Germany."

"Motorola has implemented a new design for the feature. Therefore, we expect no impact on current supply or future sales."

The German court ruled that a number of Motorola's Android smartphones infringe the patent, but gave the all clear to the manufacturer's Xoom tablet, which uses a different unlock mechanism that requires the user to make a circular unlock gesture.

Apple is yet to comment on the decision, but the company could now use the ruling as a basis for similar patent disputes with other Android device makers around the globe.

Motorola has stated that it plans to appeal the decision, and has already circumvented the threat of a potential sales block in Germany by implementing "a new design for the [unlock] feature."

The ruling represents a rare win for Apple over Motorola, and comes just weeks after Motorola temporarily won an injunction against all Apple devices connected to iCloud.

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Do these people who pass these judgements have no grip on reality?
Pathetic. Maybe we should patent “Pressing keys on a keyboard to type ‘Apple’”.
Google are fighting back with their patent which runs an app as part of the unlock (i.e. dragging mail icon to unlock area) and voice recognition unlock.

Perhaps google are being savvy enough now to file for more fleshed-out patents similar to ones Apple have filed for…….I guess it's pretty much the only way to stop them currently - beat them at their own childish game.

At least the poor lawyers aren't starving eh?
Are you ****ing kidding me!
I'm surprised anon haven't targeted them yet, who do we talk to … ;-)