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Orange and Vodafone release iPhone 4S tariffs

by Scott Bicheno on 7 October 2011, 11:16

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Because it's worth it?

Today marks the day when you can begin pre-ordering the new Apple iPhone 4S, if you're that way inclined. At time of writing only two UK operators had gone live with their prices - Orange and Vodafone.

While Apple traditionally exercises a fair bit of control over what its channel partners charge for its devices, there is a fair bit of variation between the two, according to the different tariff packages they offer.

For example, the lowest monthly commitment you can get away with at Orange is £20 over two years. That gets you 50 minutes and 50 texts and 100MB of data per month, but you still have to shell out £309.99 for a 16GB 4S - making a total cost of ownership of £789.99.

The lowest monthly tariff at Vodafone is £26 over two years, but you get 100 minutes, 500 texts and 250MB data for that. You will have to fork out £359 up-front, making a total cost of ownership of £983. Don't forget you can see the SIM-free prices here.

Here's a screenshot of the Orange tariff page (they don't seem to offer anything other than 24 month contracts) and we'll bring you a full Vodafone table in a sec followed by Vodafone's tariffs.



Up-front costs for iPhones on Vodafone. Only 24-month tariffs covered, but Vodafone does also offer 18 and 12 month options.

  £26 (100 mins, 250MB) £31 (300, 500) £36 (600, 500) £41 (900, 750) £46 (1200, 750) £62 (3000, 1GB)
16GB 4S £359 £259 £159 £59 none none
32GB 4S £439 £339 £239 £139 £79 none
64GB 4S £519 £419 £319 £219 £159 £29
8GB 4 £199 £99 none none none none
8GB 3GS none none none none none none


UPDATE - 11:45 7 October 2011 - T-Mobile contacted us to point out their tariffs are now also available, and you can see them here. They start at £25.54x24 + £239.99 for 100 mins, 100 texts, and 500MB data.


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I'd be curious to see how this compare to Samsung's big guns! Shame orange's website arnt loading here at work :(
That seems to be quite a lot more expensive that the iPhone 4 last year.

I got mine just a week after release. 500 minutes, 5000 texts, 1GB of data, 5000 3-3 minutes and 150 MMS messages for £30 a month with £49.99 upfront for the phone.
the cost for a 2 year contract are astronomical, nearly £1k for a £500 phone and 40 hours talk time spread out over 2 years!
Be interesting to see how many people upgrade from their existing iphone to this new phone at those silly high prices.

I think maybe Apple are about to see a huge u turn in sales. The competition has caught up, has better products on the whole and are cheaper.

Wait till the kindle fire comes out, Apple could struggle to shift the ipad 2.
Most iPhone 4 users won't be upgrading imo - simply as there is no real reason to do so..ofc the die hard fanboys will do it, but the vast majority? I am not so sure…is a minor spec bump and a gimmick (“Siri”) really enough? Especially when you consider that the prices here do semm more expensive than last year..

The cheapest way to get an iPhone 4S imo is to buy one sim free, and then go with giff gaff..£10 a month for 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data.

Work it out over 2 years: £500 for the phone, £240 for the “contract” = £740

That's cheaper than the cheapest of the deals mentioned in the story, and you get MUCH more for your money. An iPhone contact doesn't start to work out equivalent to Giff Gaff until you start using 600 minutes a month - then the lines blur a bit..but if you dont use many minutes, but use lots of data..I can't see any produuct on the marketplace that beats Giff Gaff.