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Mini iPad rumoured to be ready for Christmas

by Sarah Griffiths on 17 August 2010, 16:11

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Techies can speculatively add a small version of Apple's successful iPad to their Christmas list as the company is rumoured to be rolling out a mini tablet in time for the festive season.

According to Economic Daily, a Taiwanese newspaper, there has been a second iPad sighting, which suggests a smaller iPad with a 7 inch screen is in production and could hit the shops before Christmas.

The newspaper has previously correctly predicted the original iPad and now believes several companies in the country are beginning to put together a new model somewhere between the size of the iPad and iPod Touch.

According to the report, Chimei Innolux has won a contract to supply the 7inch LCD screen for the new iPad, which is said to use the same IPS technology designed for wide angle viewing as its larger and slightly older sibling. Another Taiwanese firm, Cando Corporation will reportedly supply the touch screen tech.

Compai Electronics is rumoured to be in charge of assembling the latest fabled product in the Apple orchard, but none of the companies have confirmed the report.

The smaller iPad will reportedly be 200g lighter than its current 900g sibling with its 9.7 inch screen and will be more likely to fit into a pocket...although not as likely as an iPod Touch, which is also rumoured to be getting a makeover in time for the possible Apple refresh announcements, which are traditionally held in September.

Apple is probably keen to capitalise on its iPad success, with the current model predicted to sell to 13m customers this year. It is also possible the firm seeks to launch another tablet into the market it currently dominates to stave off competition from future high profile tablets such as RIM's Blackpad, Samsung's Galaxy pad and Asus' Android tablet, which is expected to in March 2011 and set consumers back less than $399.

In fact, Asustek, has seen sales of its Eee PC netbook plunge below expectations in Q2, which it blames on competition from the iPad, according to Digitimes.

The company has reportedly downgraded its target shipments for Q3 of this year to 1.4m units, despite it traditionally being a popular time for sales, according to Asustek CEO, Jerry Shen.

The company's financial performance took a hit in Q2 due to fewer shipments of notebooks, netbooks and motherboards. Although it will continue to males its Eee PCs, it will reportedly also enter into the competitive tablet market with its Eee Pad and Eee Note series.

Due to launch in October, the 9.9 inch Eee Note will use a Linux operating system and cost between $199 and $299, while the 12 inch Eee Pad tablet is set to run Windows Embedded Compact 7 and command around $1,00 in December or January.

With so many tablets set to flood into the market place in the near future, can you see the point of an iPad mini?

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If true then what would they do with the specs? It would have to be the same as either the current iPad or the iPhone4 so as not to add another spec for devs to aim for.
I'd go with the latter which case prepare for the hate to flow as Apple release “A 7inch iPhone without the phone”

I had my first play of an iPad a few days ago, I'd never buy one (overpriced/etc/etc) but they are really nice devices I must admit!
Would make sense if it was based on the iPhone 4 anyway as it has a better spec. than the iPad.

I am slightly tempted to offer up a bet that there will be another spec for devs to aim for. This would reaffirm my theory that apple are starting towards the point that their actions and releases start to actually dilute their brand and disillusion their customers and developers :)
So Apple sells the iPad saying it is so much better to have a large screen and now they are making a smaller iPad??? I am sure they will come up with some stupid marketing statements for this smaller iPad.

So there will be 3 versions of apps? iPod, mini iPad and iPad??
I am sure they will come up with some stupid marketing statements for this smaller iPad.

Who cares if that will make them millions? :P
Who cares if that will make them millions? :P

I don't know why I get pissed when I see/hear their ads. Maybe because smart people actually fall for the crap statements?? Or maybe smart people come up with lame excuses to explain stuff Apple should have done???

I don't know…but you are right, I shouldn't care that much about a stupid company haha… :D